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28 Aug 2012
Alzheimer's, dementia, and other ailments that seniors have can have are medical issues that require some assistance, but not enough to constitute an extended life stay in a nursing home. Many of these seniors are able to take care of themselves. They can feed themselves, bathe themselves, walk around and more, but do require additional support to ensure that they do not get lost out on their own by wondering around. Some seniors can do everything for themselves but may require a little help getting dressed or taking showers.  Many seniors have a wide variety of medical needs that require the best in assisted living services.

Assisted living in today’s world includes living in a terrific community that offers many services keeping designed to keep residents safe, but still allows for freedom and mobility. There are many questions to be considered for older adults requiring assistance. Do they wander out on their own or ever get lost? Do they have specific dietary needs? Do they have any issues with remembering their medicine and the proper dosage and schedule to take it? Are they diabetic or epileptic? Do they have allergies? Do they need help getting dressed? These considerations that must be made to determine what type of assisted living services are necessary to ensure the seniors best safety, protection and happiness.

The senior living in the assisted living community must be able to trust the staff, residents and community to enjoy residing there. There are many things discussed during touring and intake. These include the cost of the assisted living services, health of the resident, dietary issues and entertainment preferences. Taking a tour of the desired communities is best because the senior can tell whether they feel at home or not in the environment. No one wants to have their senior suffering from episodes of panic, anxiety, distrust or paranoia because of factors within the community that makes them uncomfortable. It is critical to make sure that the provided services include shopping trips, entertainment outings, exceptional dining experiences and transportation to medical appointments and personal obligations. Having all these needs met gives the senior exactly what they deserve to live their life to the fullest in their later years.

Take a list of carefully devised questions that are relevant for your senior to ask when touring. Write down the most significant notes while reviewing the assisted living communities being taken under consideration. Take the senior and let them be a part of the decisions that will essentially be affecting the rest of their lives. It is typical that people are capable of living out their final years happily in assisted living communities because of the provided services and amenities available to them. It is noteworthy to jot down the entrance and annual costs and prices for additional services and amenities so as to know what they will be for several years. For instance, sometimes doing the laundry and going to the pharmacy are extra and sometimes they are provided at no extra cost. This information is critical to making the soundest decision for the loved senior in your life.

Assisted living is a wonderful way to live in comfort and style during the senior years.  Getting informed about the facility of your choice beforehand is key in making this transition a smooth one.

This guest post was written by Kirstin Lansdale on behalf of Palm Court offering you a fun-filled lifestyle for maintaining a healthy life. To know more about the decision of assisted living, you may also visit

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