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30 Aug 2012
We all have plans for how our lives will go. We think we know what job we will have, where we will live, and when we will have kids. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always play by the rules, and we can find ourselves scrambling to accommodate a life event that we didn’t plan. Sometimes that means moving unexpectedly, or ending a relationship we thought we were going to keep. Sometimes it means adopting a child because we aren’t able to have our own, and sometimes it means giving up a child for adoption when we can’t provide the family environment that we believe a child should have.

Nobody ever plans an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy, but our bodies don’t always follow the plans that we make. There are so many circumstances that can lead to a woman becoming pregnant with a child that she doesn’t feel that she can keep. A woman giving up a child for adoption has a story as unique as she is, and as unique as the child will be when he or she is born. The common thread between all those women’s stories is that each of these women has decided that her child needs a better life than she feels able to provide.

Giving up a child for adoption is never an easy thing to do. Some women wish that they could keep the child they are carrying, but don’t have the money, the means or the family situation to allow them to give their child the time and care they deserve. Other women have chosen adoption as an alternative to abortion, feeling that even though they don’t want to be a mother at this time, their child deserves a chance at life. Even if a pregnancy is completely unwanted, carrying a child for nine months can cause feelings of uncertainty when it comes to adoption. Any woman who gives a child up for adoption is making a difficult and deeply emotional decision.

A woman giving up a child for adoption, however, isn’t simply giving her child away. She is giving that child the gift of the life that she was not able to give them herself. Rather than aborting her child or having that boy or girl grow up in a difficult and oppressive situation, a woman who lets her child be adopted is giving them a stable and loving home to grow up in. She is also giving the gift of a child to a family who isn’t able to have a child on their own. Same-sex couples, as well as heterosexual couples with fertility problems, look to adoption agencies to provide them with a child to love and raise.

Giving up a child for adoption is something that a woman never really expects to have to do, but when she chooses to do it, she is giving new life not only to an innocent child, but to a family who wants the love and light that a child can bring to their lives. Adoption is a new lease on life for everyone.

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