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28 Nov 2012
Jugs pitching machines has been there in the market for over 40 years now. It is still reigning as one of the leading pitching machine manufacturer. Jugs have manufactured different makes and models of pitching machines that make it difficult for parents as well as the coaches to find the right model. Here we shall discuss about some of the considerations that can make your decision making process easier:

Most of the pitching machines come with batting cages. A two wheel mechanism can be found in the Jugs pitching machines. Wheels spin in a vertical position to force balls towards the batter. Jugs models come in different speed adjustment facilities. In case of a combination model, the speed varies between 20 MPH and 104 MPH. Only professional batters and high school players can use this pitching machine. It is not very suitable for the amateurs, because of the high speed.

You can find Jugs pitching machines for softball players as well. A single wheel mechanism stimulates fast as well as slow pitches, rises as well as drops. The speed range on this model has been lowered, to ensure that the league players also benefit from this pitching machine. The speed ranges from 15 MPH to 60 MPH.

Higher end dual wheel machines from Jugs have two prominent features: Pitch Selection and Vertical Adjustment. The vertical adjustment feature throws balls up in the air or positioned downwards to create grounders. This versatile machine can be used for both catching and batting purposes. Speed limits can be adjusted and a proper pitch type can be selected as well. This helps the coach create different variations to stimulate a game.

Jugs pitching machines come with a pivot point in two wheeled machines that can lean to the right as well as to the left. Different curve ball arcs can be stimulated to accustom players to the different throwing angles. This variety of pitching machine is suitable for professional players and high school players only as the ball speed ranges between 20 MPH and 104 MPH.

If you are on a low budget, you can look for Jugs pitching machine that tosses balls to the batter. This machine can hold many balls for immediate tossing. The batter can strike balls that pop out immediately from the machine. Since a ball is tossed in every 5 seconds, a batter can practice several strikes within few minutes. This machine operates on battery that makes it highly portable.

A batting practice is considered incomplete without focus on eye-hand coordination. Jugs pitching machines come in small ball configuration. Small balls in a tube get slowly fed in the throwing mechanism. Adults as well as children benefit from this pitching machine, as it helps in getting a better focus on small target. Better attention and focus improves striking of baseballs as well as the softballs.

So, if you are clear in mind about your requirements, it won’t be difficult for you to choose the right Jugs pitching machine from the varied options.

This article was written by Isadora Feuss, on behalf of Pitching Machine Pro, offering you the widest range of pitching machines to sharpen your hitting skills. To know about operation of the Jugs pitching machines, you may also visit eHow.

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