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24 Dec 2012
If you are an ex-military personnel and looking for work or civilian training, the very first thing that you will require is good CV advice. Here we shall discuss the important tips to help you create the perfect ex military CV.

•    Contact Details: Offer your contact details so that the employers can get in touch with you. Here you should include details such as your name, address, contact numbers and double check all the information you have provided.

•    Profile: You must offer complete detail of your career history. State the responsibilities you performed as military personnel from the civilian point of view. Mention the period you served in a regiment and other tour details. You must also include short paragraphs detailing about the different positions you held during your tenure.

•    Skills: CV advice experts suggest you should offer details about the skills you acquired in course of your service. Some of these are organisation, drill, maintenance training, weapon safety, first aid, team work engineering etc. These skills are all counted under the category of transferable skills. The discipline you acquired about safety and maintenance of the weapons will be counted as valuable skill when you are looking for a job after retiring as a military personnel. Again, when you are looking for a civilian job, drill may not be necessary, however; other skills like self-confidence, ability to take orders, organisation, punctuality, team work, will surely be taken as an advantage for any profession.

•    Aspirations and Goals: Explain your goals and future aspirations in your CV. You can highlight your hard-work ethics and dedication while at work. If you are looking forward to some kind of training, expand your ability to grow and adapt as a team member. You must portray yourself as a candidate, who is fearless when it comes to achieving goals. This will show your ability to learn new skills.

•    Hobbies and Extracurricular Activities: There must be a separate section in your CV detailing your extracurricular activities. Employers are looking into pool of talents for the right skill sets. Talk about your passions and hobbies in few sentences, rather than going overboard. For example, if you love climbing and hiking, you are an adventurous and active person by nature. Again, if you love photography and reading, it shows your interest in developing new skills. If you do not have any such interests, and love gardening, it shows your placidity and dedication.

These are CV advice from experts that you need to keep in mind when it comes to writing a CV as an ex military personnel. Looking into CV templates and advice from CV writing services will help you to take care of every aspect of preparing an application. Guidance from the experts will make job search process a cake walk for you. So, browse the Internet for different CV writing services and take your career to an altogether different height.

This article was written by Madlyn Magpuri, on behalf of, offering you the best and professional online CV writing services. For sample CV templates, you may visit Wikijob.

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