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28 Dec 2012
Every spring it hits: a barrage of magazine covers full of super fit models showing off the season’s hottest bathing suit styles and their tight, rippling six pack abs. After spending the entire winter hidden under bulky sweaters, it can be scary to think about getting yourself back into bathing suit shape - especially because it is so unclear how to achieve that flat stomach. Is a healthy diet enough to get that toned tummy, or are ab workouts a necessary step in achieving your fitness goals?

There is no clear cut solution to achieving a flat stomach. Everybody starts with a different body and a different set of genetic traits and tendencies, so of course it will be easier for some people than others to achieve that flat stomach. Some people’s stomachs are naturally pretty flat, while others always seem to have a bit of roundness to them. For most people though, a combination of a healthy diet and some effective ab workouts is necessary to get that perfect bathing suit stomach.

Diet is important. Even if you are the kind of person who can eat virtually anything and not gain weight, you should still eat a healthy, balanced diet. This will reduce the likelihood of illness, and will give you more energy. Who wants to be sick and sluggish over the summer? No one. So a healthy diet is a must, whether or not you choose to do ab workouts. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and avoid refined sugars! When the body takes in excess sugar, it stores it as fat, so you will want to avoid unnatural, added sugars as much as you can! Certain fats should be avoided too, namely trans fats and saturated fats as those are the kinds of fat that are hard for the body to burn off. Not all fat is bad though. In fact, you need fat to maintain a balanced diet. Good, natural sources such as avocado and nuts will help you get into bathing suit shape.

Though some people can have a fairly flat stomach without doing ab workouts, this is rarely the case. Even those with a naturally flat stomach won’t necessarily have a firm or toned stomach without doing some ab workouts. Just because a stomach doesn’t bulge or protrude, and just because you don’t have any noticeable rolls on your midsection, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your stomach is toned. The only way to achieve that is to get your muscles in shape, which requires exercise. Sit-ups, crunches, even fun exercises like dancing can all be useful tools in firming up your stomach muscles to get that firm look.

The key to achieving a good beach body is balance and moderation. Some ab workouts to keep your muscles toned, a good diet to keep you energetic, and a positive attitude toward your body to keep things fun and in perspective is all it takes to get your body to where you want it to be.

This article was written by Katie Weldin, on behalf of GymRa, helping you get into the perfect body. To know how you can get flat abs, you may also visit wiki.answers.

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