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13 Jul 2017
When creating a website you have to focus on different aspects such as the message you want the website design to convey, the way the audience will react and the developer you are working with. You can either work with a web design agency or freelance web designers in Los Angeles.

There are many benefits of choosing a freelance website designer over an agency ( VitaminTalent/what-we-do ) but to harness the benefits, you need to select the right website designer. But, how do you do that? To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of qualities to look for when hiring freelance web designers.

Pre-Design Planning and Wireframing

The planning phase of a web project is important for many reasons. In this phase, the website designer demonstrates what they plan to achieve and how they will achieve it. Pre-Design planning reduces scope creep and helps in setting expectations with clients.

Additionally, the pre-design planning will also help the developer to understand the underlying business goals which help in making the web project more successful. Does the website designer give importance to pre-design planning and wireframing? If not it could be an indication that the designer is not the right fit for your project.

Design Skills

The website designer might have good coding skills but if they lack good design skills, the web project is more likely to suffer. Try to visit any website they have recently designed. Do you find it easy to navigate? Has the designer paid attention to details that would help the website to stand out in the competition?

Review their past work for artistic details like fine borders and subtle gradients. Though these design aspects largely go undetected they add to the visual quality in a subtle way.

Front End Coding Skills

It is difficult to tell about the quality of the coding by looking at a website. A badly coded website will score badly in search engine optimization. You can discover bad coding of a website by loading it in different browsers; slow loading, page layout breakouts in certain browsers are some of the telltale signs.

Competent freelance web designers in Los Angeles ( VitaminTalent/freelance-web-designers ) code their websites according to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. The W3C provides an online Markup validation tool ( that allows you to check the website pages for any errors or issues.

You can check if the designer follows standard website practices by checking a few pages of his latest websites in this tool. The coding skills can be questionable if the errors are 50+.

Search Engine Optimization

If the freelance website designer promises top ranking for your website in a few weeks after launch then the designer is probably over promising. If the website designer is able to execute project parts like domains, crawling and accessibility, navigation, page speed, usability in an excellent manner and you provide good content then you are halfway to achieving higher search engine rankings.

You need to give yourself time and look for qualities mentioned above when selecting a website designer. Though designers don't work cheap, you can still find freelance web designers in Los Angeles who are willing to go that extra mile at a reasonable rate.


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