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09 Sep 2017
Most of the companies look at the background and experience of the staffing agencies, while selecting the right one. But, even though these are important factors, many companies overlook some basic question that can help them identify potential issues.

Here are a few aspects that require your attention when interviewing permanent staffing agencies.

1.  How Does the Staffing Agency Reach Potential Applicants?

The chosen recruitment agency should be able to explain the way in which they attract diverse talent. For example, a good agency will use the latest technology that allows them to advertise job openings and then use a large portion of the advertising budget to target niche markets that are related to job openings. Recruitment agencies should also be able to reach passive candidates and not just those in their database.

You can ask them how many applicants they can get for each job position, but do not simply be impressed by the figures alone; the agency should be able to demonstrate how they will find high-quality candidates for each job position.

2.  How Does the Recruiter Assess the Applicants?

Most recruiters follow the plain method of reviewing resumes and then conducting interviews. But, the assessment process should also include extensive reference checks and quantitative assessments of the candidates’ skill sets.

So, while interviewing permanent staffing agencies ( Vitamintalent/Permanent-staffing-agencies ), do not be afraid to ask how the interview responses translate into numerical scores. This is because the assessment process should transcend into quantitative results to ensure only the top talent reaches your organization and there is no hidden bias.

3.  Does the Staffing Agency Use Any Integrated Technology to Manage Recruitment?

The use of technology makes the recruitment process more efficient and faster. So, on the one hand, if the recruiter follows the age old method, where applicants send resumes through email and the recruiter simply reviews it, consider it a red flag. Firms that do not use technology might not be able to handle the huge influx of resumes and the chances of good candidates being left out due to human errors will be greater.

On the other hand, a recruitment agency that captures and stores all applications and candidate information in a management system will be in a much better position to handle the recruitment process more efficiently. This also shows that the recruitment agency is keeping itself updated on all critical recruitment fronts.

4.  Who Are the Agency’s Previous Clients?

If the recruitment agency provides you with a list of their previous clients, beware. It might be a list of cherry-picked clients who have a good relationship with the recruitment agency and would be ever welcoming to your phone calls and questions about the agency.

In reality, the relationships between the clients and the recruitment agency ( Vitamintalent/What-we-do ) are discreet as the clients would not like their donors, partners or any interested parties knowing about their recruitment process for political or financial reasons.

5.  Does the Agency Specialize in Hiring for Your Industry?

When looking for permanent staffing agencies, look for those that hire for your industry sector. If you select a specialist recruiter in your business niche, you are more likely to hire an excellent candidate for the job position. Also, the recruiter will have a good idea of the skills required for success in each particular job function.

Ask the above questions when interviewing permanent staffing agencies and you will not only select the right recruiter, but you will also be close to finding the perfect fit candidates for your open job positions.


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