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20 Nov 2017
Permanent staffing refers to hiring candidates for long-term. Such recruitments need to be handled carefully and should include a search and screening process to ensure the candidates hired are of the highest quality.

Many companies turn to permanent staffing agencies ( ) when filling direct hire positions. Professional recruiters can be cost-effective and can get you the best talent your company needs. Here are few reasons that show why the professional recruiter is more able to source the right candidates:

1)  Staffing Agencies Know the Type of Candidates You are Looking For

When you partner with a staffing agency, they will spend some time interviewing your HR manager to know the exact type of candidate you are looking for. This can be difficult when you are recruiting in-house. Such things are only possible when you have seen a few options. The staffing agency is close to the job market, and knows the types of candidates available and gives your manager an idea of job seekers who are in the market.

A good recruitment agency will help your HR manager consider other types of candidates that you would not have considered otherwise. You might be looking for a candidate with certain experience, but the recruitment agency ( ) may help broaden your horizons by drawing your attention to other important characteristics of the candidates.

2)  Staffing Agencies Know the Industry Well

Permanent staffing agencies have their ear to the ground, and know how your competitors are hiring. They know what core skills are required for a job position and what is the compensation package offered to attract the best talent for that position.

Having such knowledge is helpful when hiring. It is unlikely that your in-house HR staff has such knowledge as they might be recruiting only once or twice in a year. Thus, when you partner with a staffing agency, your company reaps the benefits from this insider knowledge that leads to hiring the right candidates.

3)  Staffing Agencies Find Cultural Fit Candidates

Since staffing agencies work for both - clients and candidates, they work hard to ensure a perfect match for both. Cultural fit is underrated but of extreme importance, if you are looking to hire the right employee. An employee who is a good cultural fit would be satisfied and happy after joining the company and likely to stay longer and be successful at their organization.

A good recruitment agency would take necessary steps to show off the company culture to potential candidates. The recruitment agency would also evaluate your company culture and look for candidates who emulate same values.

If you think an outsider (staffing agency) might not understand your company culture, you are potentially wrong. They are professionals who are quick in identifying what is appealing in your organization and know how to market these aspects to prospective candidates effectively.

Permanent staffing agencies have a good insight on what employees think about organizations. By partnering with a staffing agency, you would have a strategic partner by your side who can guide the recruitment towards the right path and make your organization more successful by hiring best candidates.

Do you use staffing agency when hiring for permanent positions? Please feel free to comment.


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