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18 Oct 2018
Searching for the perfect job can often turn out to be a stressful and time-consuming activity, particularly in a dynamic city such as Los Angeles, where there is no shortage of talent, and every open position will have scores of promising candidates vying for it.

In addition to the competition, you may miss out on opportunities that you didn’t even realize were available. Job seekers generally are not as equipped as industry insiders to plug into the intricacies of the Los Angeles job market.

Hiring a Job Recruiter will Help

Reaching out to a seasoned recruiter in Los Angeles ( VitaminTalent/Recruiter-los-angeles ) to find the right position for your qualifications and experience can help cut through a great deal of filler and save you time and money. Veteran recruiters have access to industry-wide networks and know who is hiring, what they are looking for, and if you will fit the bill. They are in the business, after all, of recruiting for companies of all sizes and across all industries. Matching you with the right employer is to their benefit as satisfied clients can translate to more business down the line.

Finding the Right Job Recruiter

Browse through the websites of Los Angeles recruiting firms and find out what their industry specialties are, who their clients are, what they expect from potential candidates, and what their recruitment methods are. Check their resources section to understand how thoroughly they know their business. Read testimonials by their past and current clients. Do they attest to a high employer and employee satisfaction rate?

For best results, you want to hire a recruiter with a proven track record of successful job placements in your industry. Their experience in recruiting for entry-level positions all the way to high-level executive positions in various LA companies will have given them a unique understanding of both company requirements ( VitaminTalent/What-we-do ) and candidate qualifications. If they are unable to find you a position as soon as possible, they may be able to advise you on updating your resume, picking up new, more relevant skills, and brushing up on interview techniques.

Know What You Want in a Job

Having excellent qualifications will make life easier for both you and the recruiter, but you also need to have a clear idea of the type of job you are seeking and what your expectations are from potential employers. While it can be tempting to accept the first decent offer that comes your way, you should consider different aspects of the job such as timing, commuting, work responsibilities, office culture, and job benefits.

It won’t be in your interest to join a company and discover later that you are not the right fit for it after all. Employment history of frequent, short-lived jobs may have a deleterious effect on your career prospects, even with the best recruitment agency in Los Angeles backing you.

With specific career goals in mind, work with your recruiter in Los Angeles to identify and land the job that will help you get ahead in your profession.


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