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22 Nov 2018
According to lawyers for custody battles that rather than fighting for sole custody, by controlling your emotional feelings, sticking to courtroom etiquettes, and demonstrating being a concerned parent, you can take it as a challenge to win custody. However, before you decide to run after a sole physical as well as legal custody, it’s essential that you should analyze your motive. Is it just to punish your spouse? Or you think that your opponent has limitations to share custody or attain responsibility of nurturing a child. If so, that should be shared with your lawyer ( ) who can help you best in this drive.

Mind well, that family courts typically approve a joint custody system, since that is the best arrangement for a child that help prosper in their future life. Children desire involvement of both parents and, in no way, you can deprive you child from enjoying that healthy set. Unless your spouse has a background like committing domestic violence or child abuse, drug abuse or a pattern of lifestyle that is unsafe for your child, you should look for a shared custody.

Win Sole/ Shared Custody

A sole custody refers to an arrangement that awards one parent as a custodian of the child while the other part is granted sizeable visitation right as decided by the court. Lawyers for custody battles suggest you that unless you don’t have any solid evidence in hand that can testify inability of your partner of having child custody right, what you can do to win custody, is to conduct yourself consistently throughout the process.

  Listen to Your Lawyer

Always listen to lawyers for custody battles what they suggest you on dos and don’ts during every sitting and before the date of hearings. Remember, judges stay vigilant throughout the session and evaluate how you behave, your dress code and your concern about the child, before deciding on custody arrangement.

  Courtroom Manner

Typically family court determines both parents’ fitness level to own sole or shared custody. Any kind of emotional outburst, arguing with opponent’s lawyer to justify why you are ‘best’ for your child is likely to go against you in the courtroom. Interruptions during questioning your opponent, is enough for the judge to award your partner with sole custody while visitation right passes to you. Have faith on your lawyer who is there to represent things on your behalf.

  Courtroom Dress

In course of custody decision, often courts consider the dress code of a parent in the courtroom session, since outfits also symbolize taste, personality, and outlook of a parent. Thus, parent should prove them fit in the role of developing their children.

  Consider Child’s Best Interest

The court is least interested to know what is your personal feeling about the fitness level of your spouse to hold custody right. If your spouse is a victim of drug abuse or often happens to be violent  ( ), share the same with your lawyer. Even if you don’t have evidence at present, make an honest appeal for investigating the same for the child’s best interest and safety. This kind of decent proposal will display your concern about the child and likely to come as a reward in your favor.


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