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23 Nov 2018
Weibo is a micro blogging site in China that has over 400 million active users and is an efficient platform for advertising for various brands. Weibo advertising is the ultimate option for firms for return of investment as well as great exposure to the demographic market ( adstochina.westwin/Weibo-Advertising ). The main aim is to generate revenue. Having an official account and creating a follower base would lead to nowhere if there were no quality content and vision. With advertising, combination of reputation, visibility, branding and sales infrastructure is required for ensuring a long-term return on investment. The advertisers need to be always active in targeting Mandarin content of high quality and engage with prospects as well as consumers via comments.

There are various Weibo advertising options for engaging with users. It is vital to strategize for each brand based on KPI expectations, budget, and other factors. We will explore four main types of strategy that will help to provide quality service to the consumers and one can decide which will suit according to your brand.

•  Display Advertisements – They are traditional and are available in different dimensions on different pages. The ads are optimized for both desktop and mobile version although mobile version is used on a large scale. When users click on the ad, they are taken to the advertiser’s website. Weibo uses keywords selected for visibility, which is a targeted approach, and the ads are visible on Weibo’s homepage as well as seen on the side of the user’s news feed.

•  Search Engine promotion of Weibo – It has an advanced search engine feature that helps to browse accounts, fan pages, and posts. This is an effective method on displaying your product based on target keyword searches from consumers, which in turn generate quality traffic to your account. Weibo search engine promotion helps web advertising to increase the visibility of one’s account. The pricing depends on the competitiveness and the popularity of the keywords one is promoting. The users will use the search bar option to get the desired results and with results, it will display trending or hot topics discussion.

•  Fan Tunnels – This method is widely used to get new followers and consumers. Fat tunnels work like a headline that is visible at the top of the user’s news feed. It focuses on whole Weibo community. It places the content on the news feeds targeting the audiences on the basis of region, device types, interests, age, and gender. The cost for this type of Weibo advertising is calculated in Cost Per Mile (CPM)  ( ).

•  Fan Headlines – It focuses on the existing followers and their connections. By having a fan headline, it taps the followers connections and friendships and various interests. Just like fan tunnel, post appears on the top of the news feed and their connections thereby has higher chances of re-sharing the content. For Weibo advertising, fan headlines are a boon to the advertisers where they can share their products to a large audience.


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