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24 Nov 2018
Teeth are important part of our body and losing them not only make eating difficult but also affect the smile and the overall appearance because of drooping facial muscles. One can lose teeth because of different reasons; it may be the natural decay because of growing age, some sever injury or a periodontal disease. Dentures in Springfield, VA, offer the solution to both appearance and eating difficulty as they restore the function and smile of the natural teeth. These can be used in both the conditions; when all the teeth in upper and lower jaw are missing and when only some of them are missing. Also they can be either removable or fixed as per the person’s preference and requirement.

The removable dentures can be full or partial ( ), and fixed dentures can be the overdenture implants or the bridges. For the people who have lost all of their natural teeth, removable full dentures can be used having both upper and lower arcs made of gum-colored having teeth as similar as the natural teeth of the person. The biggest disadvantage of them is that they are not attached to anything in the mouth, thus are often loose, and create difficulty while talking and speaking. Whereas, the partial dentures are used when there is a loss of few teeth and fills out the spaces between the teeth that are left. The remaining natural teeth provide support to the denture giving them more stability while using as compared to the full dentures.

The fixed dentures in Springfield, VA can be implanted over the remaining natural teeth by surgically placing in the bones. These takes time to fit naturally with the gums. These implants mimic the roots of the teeth which are later filled with a prosthetic which is done either after six months of the surgery or sometimes immediately after it. Another type of fixed dentures is the fixed bridges where the gap between the natural healthy teeth is covered by either cementing or by artificial teeth.

Dentures in Springfield, VA might feel uncomfortable in the beginning but after regular use, one becomes habitual. The process takes time with number of visits to one’s dentist but it has its own benefits. People who lose their teeth at early age because of accident or any disease can again eat their favorite food which is an important benefit of dentures. Dentures support the gum in the similar manner as the natural teeth which restore the smile and improve the person’s appearance. Besides eating, teeth also help in speaking for there are certain words where tongue turns against the teeth to make the correct sound. Therefore, dentures improve the speech bringing back the confidence that many people lose with the loss of their teeth. Like natural teeth  ( ), dentures also require regular and proper care that includes brushing, rinsing and removing the food remains after eating.


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