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27 Nov 2018
Cold therapy is helpful for healing pain in any joint including the knee. An ice machine for knees is a device to deliver cold therapy to the knee joint efficiently and safely.

Understanding Knee Pain

The knee is a strong joint but also very susceptible to injuries. Knee pain can result from an injury to the joint – be it a fracture, ligament tear, or a scrape. Arthritis can also cause excruciating pain in the knee joint; often requiring surgery ( ). Years of damage to the joint also makes it necessary for some people to opt for knee replacement surgeries. Knee pain can also occur as patients recover during the post-operative period. A simple fall may result in knee pain that can last for years.

The knee joint is made of several bones, tissues, ligaments, and muscles. Any problem with one of these parts can affect the entire joint. Knee pain also seldom resolves on its own. For some people, it can take years of physical therapy to heal pain resulting from a simple fall.

Cold Therapy for Knee Pain

Cold therapy is helpful in healing all kinds of knee pain. You can use it to speed up your recovery after knee surgeries. For example, cold therapy can help you regain range of motions in the knee joint more easily than without it. The reduction in pain also helps patients to start their recovery program on time or even sooner.

Those who suffer from arthritic pain can use cold therapy regularly to find relief from their discomfort. Yes, you can also take pain medicines for the same. However, prolonged use of pain medicines can make you dependent on them, but there is no such risk with cold therapy. It is a natural healing technique that works by temporarily numbing the nerves in the knee and reducing the blood flow to the area. Reduced blood flow helps to lessen the inflammation and the pain.

You can use ice packs for cold therapy. But, ice packs can drip water over your surgical wounds and increase the risks of post-operative infections. Ice packs also deliver uneven cold therapy due to their irregular shapes. Also, it is not convenient to hold the ice pack on the knee joint for prolonged periods every day.

The best way to deliver cold therapy is via special devices designed for the purpose. An ice machine for knees comes with no risks or safety issues with prolonged use. If you use quality machines such as those from IsoComforter  ( ), you can benefit from the advanced patented Iso Tube technology used in them. Cold therapy machines come equipped with a healing pad that you need to wrap around the affected area. IsoComforter ice machines for knees come with healing pads specially designed for the joint. It delivers cold therapy to the knees from all sides.

Cold therapy machines are simple and easy to use. Using one can help heal the knee pain without any harmful side effects.


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