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28 Nov 2018
Have you been in an accident recently that has left you with a serious car injury? You’ll quickly discover that beyond just the recovery time for your injury, you are going to have to deal with the hassles of working with an insurance company, or if the car accident was due to reckless driving you may be looking to supplement your insurance claim with a lawsuit. All these things are going to add up and stress you beyond what you may be able to handle, so its time to get yourself a personal injury lawyer. Get yourself fair compensation for any injuries or damages you may have suffered.

Someone on Your Side During Difficult Times

The best benefit to hiring a personal injury lawyer is that you will have someone you can count on and trust to handle all the legal parts of your situation. If you try to go it alone after suffering a serious car injury ( ), you are going to be overwhelmed and stressed, which will be a detriment to your recovery time. You may have a long recovery period where you can’t do much of anything, and the longer you leave your case undealt with the harder it will be to get it resolved in a timely manner. Your personal injury lawyer will ensure everything is handled for you, so you can focus on your recovery and physical therapy.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to handle. Even with a serious car injury, they will almost always offer you a default settlement amount which you will find very difficult to negotiate. Insurance policies are complex, and if you don’t understand the law with sufficient familiarity and expertise it will feel like talking to a brick wall. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will ensure you have someone that is a professional with experience in handling insurance companies, and capable of getting the most out of your claim. A sufficiently experienced lawyer may also have specific experience with your insurance company, so inquire how well they have done dealing with them in the past, and if they have done very well then you know you have chosen the right lawyer for your case. Of course, the lawyers you sit down for a free consultation with will inform you whether they believe they can get more and what to expect in terms of a timeline for negotiating with the insurance company.

Assistance with Litigation

After a serious car injury you will need a personal injury lawyer the most for litigation. Car accidents, a majority of the time, are caused by driver negligence and often will result in a lawsuit being pursued. Insurance company payouts will likely not cover all your financial losses, especially if the injury causes a permanent disability  ( ACTSLaw/About-Us ), which means you will want to sue and want someone that is experienced with litigation. Negotiating settlements outside of court, and handling court proceedings if negotiations fail are two separate skills. Choose the right lawyer for the job. Personal injury lawyers will have access to resources you may not, such as expert witnesses and accident scene analysis experts.


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