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4 Dec 2018
For going to the gym, a bag with a separate compartment to keep your shoes is ideally a game changer. Ahead we will discuss a few gym bags that contain a separate pouch or pocket to store the shoes. Whether you workout with rock-climbing shoes, cycling shoes, plain old sneakers, golf shoes or Pointe shoes, the bags enlisted here will fit all your requirements ( ).

Compact Gym Bag- Honestly speaking, this is a handy Womens gym bag with shoe compartment. The bag is compact and has a dedicated compartment for keeping your shoes at one end of the bag. The handles of the bag are water repellant and built of magnetic leather. You can adjust the shoulder strap according to your convenience. For going to the gym daily, buy this bag, and it also contains few pockets hidden inside the main compartment to keep small gears and valuables. The good features of the bag are it is waterproof, can adapt to all weather, and comes with various colors — the bad thing we find that the zippers are looking cheap and the shoulder straps are non-durable.

For heavy-duty sports people, you can opt for a large size stylish Womens gym bag with shoe compartment that is specifically designed to put every gear, sports can, and kit. The material of the bag is of premium quality leather and has strong zippers. You can find many pockets and compartments available to store your gears, and the shoe compartment is at the side of the bag that is large enough to hold the largest shoe size. There are two ways to carry the bag: one with a detachable shoulder strap and the other with a static handle. The pros of this bag include it has many pockets for storing your all stuff. It has different ways to carry the bag for one’s convenience; the material is of high quality and looks durable and premium. The downside is the pockets are porous, and the dry clothes might become wet if the bag gets soaked.

Another gym bag you can opt for is a fancy, and sleek Womens gym bag with shoe compartment has enough space to fit your sports kits and gears. For storing your wet towels or dirty shoes after a workout, there is an external shoe compartment  ( LiveWell360/products ). It is a versatile bag, and you can use for different sports. It is waterproof, built of high-quality polyester and well stitched.  The best part of the bag is you can get at a very good price, various sweet colors to choose, the design is stylish and has two different modes for carrying. The zippers are not of good quality and that you need to take care of.


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