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21 Dec 2018
It may be weeks, months or even years before all the consequences of a car accident, slip and fall injury or other personal injury are realized. A personal injury lawyer can help their clients get the best settlement that they can get because they help get you properly organized and prepared. So, what does a personal injury lawyer do ( Actslaw/car-accident-lawyer ), and how should a client prepare for the first meeting to decide if hiring a personal injury lawyer is the next step?

What does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

A personal injury lawyer is a good idea when an injured party needs to recover damages, or to fight for compensation. Those injured as a result of someone else’s negligence deserve to be properly compensated, and in many cases the only way to achieve compensation is to have someone who can fight on behalf of the injured party. In order to determine whether the client and lawyer will work well together, the client needs to be properly prepared for the first meeting.

Identifying information

Before meeting with the lawyer, be prepared with proper documentation. Bring any applicable identifying information about yourself, including driver’s license, birth certificate and pertinent contact information. Include this for everyone involved. If employment has been affected, then bring in information about your current and past employment history. Information about your medical history is likely to be relevant as well, so bring in any documentation about current or ongoing issues, including surgeries or hospitalizations so that the lawyer can get an idea of how your health may have changed since the accident.

Accident details

This is the step where the information that you bring to your new Personal Injury Lawyer may take some finding on your part. You will need to gather all the information about the accident including the date, time, place, and parties involved. If it was a car accident, you will need accident reports from the police determining cause, names and addresses of those involved, witness names and statements, and any documentation or anything at all that has been affected.

Insurance details

Of course, insurance information for all parties is important to have available. This includes automobile insurance, or other policies such as home owners insurance or renters insurance, or any insurance that covers things that may have been damaged in the accident. Names and addresses of all the insurance companies of involved parties is important.

Health and medical insurance is another important piece of paperwork to be able to show the lawyer at your first meeting. Any doctor’s information, medical appointments, ambulance bills, or details about any health related issues after the accident will be vital.

In other words, keep everything and stay as organized as you can. Accidents are overwhelming and dealing with them in the days that follow are not easy at all. After the accident occurs, be sure that you keep everything that is relevant because it will make things easier for a personal injury lawyer who will be helping to prove your case. The first meeting with the lawyer usually does not cost anything unless you decide to hire the lawyer  ( Actslaw/about ), and most personal injury lawyers only charge if they win the case, so keeping organized makes it easier for both of you.


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