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24 Dec 2018
All pipes drains, and plumbing fixtures in your house are connected to the most vital piece of plumbing - main sewer line. Due to improper use of these pipes, drains, etc. the sewer line can collapse or become clogged that led to repair or in extreme cases replacement ( www.HonestPlumbing.Net/sewer-repair ). Knowing the causes of a sewer line that is clogged and looking for warning signs will help in preventing from a major replacement or sewer repair in Los Angeles.

Causes for a Sewer Line to Clog

It is a common scenario that every house owner faces the embarrassing situation of having a slow-running bathtub or sink or a drain that is clogged. However, what will be the situation when all drains clogged at once? It could be the result of a sewer clog. Some of the indicators that require sewer repair in Los Angeles are stated below.

Severe Damage of the Pipe – When the sewer pipe is ruptured via soil shifting or using of heavier construction equipment above the ground then the sewage would not be able to drain properly through the system. Corrosion could take place in older pipes, or the leaking joints between the section of pipes are broken allowing sewage and water to escape.

Infiltration of Tree Root – Old sewer lines are sometimes made with porous materials or clay, and the pipe sections are not as strong as the PVC pipes found today. As shrub and tree roots grow, they will search for water sources, and if they hold onto a sewer pipe, they will grow inside the pipe to get the water. As the roots start to expand it will break the line.
Some Warning Signs

Frequent Backups in the Drains – If the drain gets clogged continuously mainly in the lowest level of your house, then the sewer pipe is blocked or damaged.

Unexpected Reactions Occur during Plumbing Fixtures – When you flush the toilet, then water starts to back up from the shower or tub. The bubble can occur in the toilet water and if it happens run water in the sink closet for one minute. If the water starts to rise, then there is damage to the sewer line.

Sewer line repair should always be done by a professional and certified plumber and below mentioned are some methods for sewer repair in Los Angeles.

Inspection through In-line Camera – Using a camera help to pinpoint the problem at the right area and repairing could be done at affordable rates. The camera records the depth and the line from its surface so that proper planning and implementation of repairs could be done.

Trenchless Technique – After the video inspection, it is best to repair the sewer with trenchless technology where small holes are made at the start and end of the damaged pipe  ( www.HonestPlumbing.Net/our-work ). Then a new pipe is pulled through the older pipe thereby bursting the old pipe and simultaneously a new pipe is placed.


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