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26 Dec 2018
With more than 762 million internet users in China and 720 million registered members, Baidu PPC is likely to be the most dependable SEM tool for you to enjoy an enhanced brand image with increased market reach. Similar to what you have experienced with Google, Baidu SEM, the nation’s largest search engine, an advertisement platform, evenly evaluates creditability, consistency, and track record of a company while ranking ( adstochina.westwin/search-engine-marketing ), based on Baidu’s two major determining factors including your quality score and CPC bidding price. So, if you’re one of those targeting to optimize your search engine marketing result in China, it’s critical to maintain effective SEO, high-quality content, using forum advantage and obviously sticking to the guidelines and rules standardized by Baidu from time to time.

To kick-start with Baidu SEM, you will be required to pay a deposit money worth of 5000 RMB as an advance toward ad campaigning once you receive a green signal from Baidu and become licensed for hosting in the Chinese market.

Three Major Determining Factors

Worth of Keywords

Similar to Google, Baidu in China has been outfitted with an array of demanding keywords. Finding those keywords having relevance to your products/services is the key to your SEM achievement in China. The keywords are predetermined in accordance with the user's likeliness to place such keywords in the search box of Baidu’s search engine to locate the services they’re in search of. It is, therefore, essential for you to work with a professional SEO specialized in China who can study your products/services, do needed research and can help you choose the ideal keywords for Baidu SEM.

Determining CPC

Importantly, Baidu considers ranking or positioning of an ad page based on the quality score of the advertiser and bidding price. Accordingly, CPC or cost per clip is also determined by Baidu. Thereby, as with a high-quality score, you can expect to pay less against CPC, a low-quality score will not only increase the cost per clip change and also hamper your ranking in Baidu SEM. This makes essential for you to determine how quality score is determined by the Chinese group so that with optimization of advertisement, you can go ahead with cost-effective market promotion and attain highest ROI.

Understand Quality Score

To Baidu, an advertiser’s quality score gets the priority while determining the page ranking. This score is decided on two aspects, and that are trust score and quality score. Trust score is a pointer that settles on the uprightness and consistency of an advertiser recorded from time to time by Baidu community. As it works, every advertiser is assigned with 100 points initially, and if any disobedience occurs in terms of marketing guidelines given by Baidu, a certain point is deducted from this trust score. Equally, quality score is determined in accordance with the quality of ad  ( ), SEO techniques followed, content types, class of landing page and uniformity of keywords while positive response from consumers in the form of users comments can help you fetch best ad positing with lower CPC and enjoy greater market success.


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