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09 Jan 2019
As per the report of The US Energy Information Administration that over 89% of American homeowners are prepared with air conditioning. However, while a good number of them simply disregard the need of regular maintenance of their ACs, many are not even aware of the benefits of having a yearly service contract. As a consequence, most AC collapses are experienced especially when they’re top wanted in the hot summer days. It is important to note that before any breakdown, AC machines convey various indications ( ) and by addressing them with emergency AC repair in Houston timely you can obviously stay away from a major breakdown of the system. Six of these signs are stated below:

Blowing Warm Air

Other than a problem of the thermostat, AC blowing hot air is a great indication of the refrigerant leak as well as a breakdown of the compressor. Whatever the problem, it needs to be properly diagnosed and fixed by expert emergency AC repair in Houston services.

Unusual Sound

You’re aware that in general condition, an air conditioner should run quietly. However, sometime you may experience a sound coming out of the device which is rather unusual and different from its common low-level start-up/shut down hum. Typically, a buzzing or rattling sound can be a sign of loose-fitting spares while noise like grinding or whistling noise indicates something major. The problem needs to be attained immediately to avoid a major breakdown. It is recommended to keep your system off and call on emergency Ac repair in Houston for a professional tune-up.

Frequent Cycles

Irrespective of the weather, an air condition should maintain routine cooling cycles. In case, you notice it to undertake frequent cycles, never overlook the issue since it’s not a usual characteristic of a cooling system. Before it happens to be completely damaged, contact your emergency AC repair in Houston and resolve the issue.

High Humidity

Even though, you experience sticky humid weather in the outdoors, your air conditioner in the indoor should moderate the level of humidity and provide you with a cool atmosphere. In case the cooling system is found incapable to maintain the desired moisture keeping it in a comfortable range, it is imperative for you to get your system repaired immediately.

Moisture/ Leaking from System

Often blockage of the drain tube of an air conditioner which keeps it away from possible condensation can cause leaking around the machine. Even though it is not a big problem and not that much urgent, but considering the leakage can damage your wall or aggravate mold, calling an emergency AC repair in Houston makes great sense. Mind, moisture can be an indication of refrigerant leakage and obviously a serious issue and needs instant addressing of the problem.

Insufficient Airflow

Lacking airflow is a common problem that indicates your AC machine is not up to the mark and not working efficiently. Usually, some kind of blockage often prevents normal air flowing what is expected through its duct network of your home. If you overlook preventive maintenance of your cooling system, clogging of air filter, coil disturbance, motor inefficiency as well as other issues may result in insufficient airflow. Which is why; sensible homeowners prefer having yearly maintenance, a demanding service of emergency AC repair service in Houston.


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