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21 Jan 2019
With more than 800 million active users, Wechat is the largest social network that is deeply embedded in the soul of China. It is the biggest social platform with a huge potential for business ventures. Wechat initially began in January 2011 as a simple mobile messaging application with voice and text messaging services. By the year 2013, it became the most fashionable social networking app in China and Malaysia.

Today majority of the companies use Wechat marketing ( ) as a prominent marketing tool due to its vast beneficial features. Businesses that focus on domestic and international arenas benefit largely from this form of marketing. There are many reasons why most companies choose Wechat marketing as a prominent business tool.

A large number of functions

Wechat has a large number of functions and tools, which makes it one of the most effective marketing apps for online businesses. Most of these tools are designed to generate leads. Voice message, QR code, drifts bottle, moment, signature, and so forth serves as a marketing tool for entrepreneurs. It also increases the interaction between entrepreneurs and customers. This tool helps businesses reach out to the target audience and increase lead generation.

Wechat is a messaging app that also serves as an excellent marketing platform. Functions such as ‘sharing moment’ allow users to share the moments of others through their feeds. With its creative features, Wechat offers several interesting methods to market products and services online.

Content and advertising

Being one of the most powerful social media platforms, Wechat also publishes content, which is regularly read by most of the users in one form or the other every day. Therefore, it is also an excellent platform for advertising content.

However, it is important to select content carefully as users seldom read irrelevant content. This may prove to be detrimental to a specific brand when it is associated with irrelevant content. Users tend to ignore such brand of products and services. The advertising platform of Wechat  ( ) can be used to promote businesses. It is also important to provide new content regularly as it helps you to build a strong follower base.

Online transactions

Another beneficial feature of using Wechat is that it allows users to complete online transactions without any hassles. Wechat is one of the most commonly used mobile payment app in China. The QR code scan allows easy and quick mobile payment and various other interesting features.

Online marketers can also benefit from the Wechat gaming option where millions of users socialize and gather on a single platform. Entrepreneurs can use this platform as an opportunity to market products and services to prospective customers.

Wechat is an ever-expanding platform that offers a huge plethora of marketing options to all types of businesses. Wechat marketing is indispensable when your business targets the Chinese audience.


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