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04 Feb 2019
Marketing has changed a lot over the years. Moreover, it has become more challenging for interviewers to decide questions to test candidates’ marketing knowledge. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of the best marketing interview questions and answers shared below.

Is Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing the Same?

Digital marketing refers to internet marketing that also includes social media marketing. Social media marketing is a small part of digital marketing that uses platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote a product or service.

What Is Crucial for Marketing Success?

It is one of basic but important marketing interview questions and answers ( VitaminTalent/Marketing-job-interview-questions ). The right answer is:

·  The primary objective should be to satisfy the customer

·  The company needs to have a clear plan and vision to achieve marketing success

·  The marketing activities should be distinct from other business activities

·  The business should develop a unique and relevant marketing strategy that resonates with the circumstances it faces.

What Are Five Important Elements of Marketing?

The five important elements of any marketing campaign are:

·  The customer

·  The value proposition

·  The Call-to-action message

·  The delivery method

·  The follow-up

What Are the Important Aspects to Consider While Launching a Product?

Creating a buzz, market, and right timing are important aspects that need to be looked at while launching a product. You should work to create a good promotional build-up so that interest in the market is captured. The timing should be perfect so that no other similar product clashes with your product launch.

What Is Service Marketing?

Service marketing refers to the marketing of service that is not a tangible product. Service marketing is different as service does not have any physical form.

What Are Different Types of Marketing Research?

Some of the types of marketing research used in modern marketing are:

·  Field Research – it is used to research a particular purpose

·  Desk Research- it is conducted for one purpose but may support other goals

·  Exploratory Research – it is done to investigate an assumption

·  Predictive Research – It is done to predict any future possibilities

What Is Interruption Based Marketing?

It is one of the common marketing interview questions and answers. Interruption marketing is a traditional model of marketing which is done by means of sales, promotion, and public relation. Some of the examples of interrupt marketing are:

·  Mail campaigns

·  Email campaigns

·  Telemarketing calls

·  Radio and Television ads.

What Is the Purpose of Segmentation Analysis?

The main purpose of segmentation analysis is to reduce the risks related to who, when, where, and how to market a service or product. Another purpose is to enhance the efficiency of marketing by targeting towards a particular customer or market segment.

The above list of marketing interview questions and answers mostly focuses on skills. Based on the marketing position ( VitaminTalent/What-we-do ), you can add some situational and interpersonal questions to understand how the candidate applies his/her marketing knowledge to achieve success.


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