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08 Feb 2019
Spam is not just unwanted advertising and marketing mail flooding your mailbox. Today, spammers send malware attached to spam mail to harm businesses and individuals. You can avert the risks of spam by using a spam filtering solution ( ). Here are five reasons why your business needs one.

1.  Filter Legitimate Email

According to Statista research findings, spam accounts for 53.5% of email traffic worldwide. This means hundreds of spam mails would reach your mail server every day. Every organization would want to stop spam mail reaching their mail server so that real mail stands out.

When you employ anti-spam solution, the spam messages are filtered out, and only legitimate email finds its way to your email server. Anti-spam filters use sophisticated technologies to recognize and block spam mail while allowing legitimate mail to reach employees inboxes safely.

2.  Blocks Threats

Spammers use email for various purposes like phishing scams, botnet, DoS attacks, malware, Dictionary attacks, and many other purposes. Many spam mails are disguised as security alerts that require you to supply information like username and passwords to set things right.

Spam filtering solution works to identify spam mail and block them from reaching your server. By blocking spam mail, the anti-spam solution also blocks threats that come associated with spam.

3.  Increases Productivity

Workforce efficiency is an important factor for every organization. Every organization wants their employees to not waste their time on work that is not related to their job. While spending time on social media sites can be the employee’s fault and loss of productivity, the same cannot be said about employee sifting through hundreds of spam mails to find real mail.

According to the University of Maryland findings, 75% of Internet users receive email daily. The average spam mail received by an individual per day is 18.5 and time spent to find and delete each spam mail is 2.8 minutes. It means every employee might be wasting 51.8 minutes daily (18.5 X 2.8) to delete spam. This means your employees are wasting around 51.8 minutes daily to deal with spam.

When you employ anti-spam solution, spam is filtered out, and employees don’t have to search and delete spam. In other words, the 51.8 minutes that were wasted earlier can be used for tasks important to your organization which is a sign of increased productivity.

4.  Protects Your Company’s Reputation

Accepting a security breach or an inability to protect customer data brings a bad name to the organization. Spam mail is a big threat and spammers are looking for opportunities and security loopholes to steal data.

Anti-spam solutions work to protect you from security threats that come associated with spam. In simple words, it protects your company’s reputation by ensuring security breaches don’t happen due to spam.

Spam has grown exponentially over these years, and the threat level has increased. A spam filtering ( ) solution protects your businesses and helps your employees work efficiently without fearing the risk of opening spam mail.

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