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1 Mar 2019
Ice therapy is a popular remedy to heal injuries. It is the use of freezing temperatures to speed up the healing of surgical wounds and orthopedic trauma. It can be easily and efficiently administered via special ice therapy machines ( ). It is also known as cold therapy.

About Ice Therapy

Ice therapy involves applying freezing temperatures over injuries to heal the trauma. The cold temperature temporarily blocks nerve communication on the application site, which in turn stops the blood supply to the same area for a while. Without an adequate blood supply, the swelling on the injury begins to reduce. As the swelling reduces, the resulting pain from it also begins to lessen. The process helps to heal orthopedic injuries with consistent use of ice therapy.

It can be delivered via ice packs or ice therapy machines. However, the use of ice packs for cold therapy is not ideal for optimal delivery. Ice packs can drip water over surgical wounds and cause infections. The uneven shape of ice packs is also not conducive to proper delivery of cold therapy. It is best to use ice therapy machines to derive the full benefits of its healing remedy.

You can use ice therapy machines from reputed brands like IsoComforter for its special features such as the use of the patented Iso tube technology, healing pad with special ridge design to minimize injuries, self-priming pump, and more. IsoComforter ice therapy machines also offer ease of operation as there are no heavy mechanical controls required for its use.

Benefits of Ice Therapy

There are many benefits of ice therapy.

Natural remedy –

Ice therapy is a natural healing remedy without any side effects.  You can use it over a long period of time without any problem unlike pain-relief pills, which can cause dependence with prolonged use. Addiction to pain medicines can cause numerous health problems. Over some time, you will also need more dosage of the same pain medicine to experience any relief. When you use ice therapy, you don’t need to rely on medicines for pain relief.

Speedy recovery –

Ice therapy can speed up recovery remarkably. If you use ice therapy post your knee or shoulder replacement surgery, it can help you regain range of motions in your joints sooner than without it. It can help reduce pain faster, which can help you begin your physical therapy sooner than expected. All these factors can aid your speedy recovery post surgeries or when recovering from serious orthopedic injuries.

Ice therapy is useful to hasten recovery after any kind of orthopedic trauma such as hip surgeries, lower back pain, ligament repairs, rotator cuff repairs, and more.

Fatigue relief –

Ice therapy ( ) is not only useful for serious orthopedic trauma. However, you can also use it to reduce muscle fatigue post your workout sessions or after a hard day’s work. If you are an athlete or even play sports regularly for recreational purposes, you can use ice therapy to recover from intensive training sessions. You don’t need to use uncomfortable ice baths to heal your tired muscles.


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