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29 Mar 2019
As technology is changing rapidly, so the businesses also need to upgrade their systems by having the latest technology. Fortune 500 companies and many small businesses are using a secure cloud-based email service. With secure exchange hosting ( securence/solution/hosted-solution ), it is easy for storing, managing, and securing your business mail for a low monthly charge. Here we have put some of the answers about why customers are looking for a hosted exchange solution.

Accessibility – Easily access to emails from any location is crucial to improving customer engagement, innovation, productivity, and sales. Managers can approve proposals and projects faster for increasing innovation and agility. There is no need for a VPN or a work computer. Users can easily access their mail on any web browser or easily configure their tablets and smartphones.

Large Emails and Mailboxes – 150 MB email sizes or 150 GB archive mailboxes or 50 GB mailboxes. Customers need not to worry about managing their mailbox growth. With secure exchange hosting online you can keep and send everything. The top hosted exchange solutions increase their limits after every couple of years. Resource mailboxes and shared mailboxes have a 50 GB limit but they are completely free. Therefore, through exchange online, every team (help desk, sales, and marketing) can have a shared mailbox and each conference room can be automatically managed.

In-Place Archiving – Users have access to advanced archiving options with archive mailbox feature. Archive mailbox is a special mailbox that appears along the users’ primary mailbox folders in any email client. The mailboxes allow users to have huge mailboxes and at the same time automatically move the old information from the primary mailbox into a separate archive mailbox. Moving the data keeps the primary mailbox fast and small while letting the users for keeping everything so that they need not waste their time in cleaning the inbox.

Electronic Discovery – It is the electronic aspect of identification, collection, and producing (ESI) electronically stored information in response to a request for an investigation. ESI is not limited to documents, databases, emails, websites, social media, and many others. The technologies and processes around e-discovery are very complex due to the large volume of electronic data stored and produced. E-documents are dynamic, contain metadata like file properties, recipient, and author information. With secure exchange hosting, admins are allowed to search the entire tenant for finding the specific information. It takes the management and complexity of e-discovery out of the hands of the admins and helps in building directly into the product.

Automated Updates and Maintenance – Product enhancements and security patches are automatically provided without any intervention from administrators or users. The automatic update means more time growing and less maintenance time.

Flexibility – One of the primary selling points of secure exchange hosting ( ) for mid-size and enterprise companies is hybrid flexibility. By deploying mails in a hybrid configuration, businesses can keep some user mailboxes on the on-premise exchange server while moving others to exchange hosting. Hybrid deployments are best for moving heavier workloads from the on-premise servers freeing space.


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