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04 Apr 2019
In the present century, with advancement in technology, your permanent can be removed very easily. To get it removed, choose one of the best tattoo removal methods - laser technique. Tattoos with black ink are removed by breaking the pigment colors with a high-intensity laser beam. With selected lasers based on pigment colors, other colors can also be removed fully. Here we will be discussing the different types of laser tattoo removal.

Passive Laser Removal – These treatments are inexpensive than active laser removal techniques. The only problem is the tattoo is removed partially. Since most clients are unaware of this technique, they get cheated by most beauty salons and clinics. Proper research will help consumers in choosing the right technique.

Active Laser Removal – It is the best method for removing all the colors. Here a Q-switched laser machine is used for breaking the pigment into tiny particles and then it is eliminated by the body’s immune system. This is the best tattoo removal near me ( ) that removes all the traces of your tattoo. However, we know that there are two sides to each coin; this technique also has a disadvantage. It may not able to remove colors like light blue or yellow and it has minimum side effects.

Q-Switched Ruby – This was the first laser removal treatment developed for removing the tattoos. It can effectively remove blue and black pigments. The problem with this method is the laser find it difficult in removing the home-made made inks. That is why tattoos which are not done by a professional give little or no response to such treatment. With this technique green, yellow and red pigments are not removed effectively.

Q-Switched Alexandrite Laser – It emits a wavelength that is an intermediate between Q-switched Nd-YAG laser and Q-switched ruby laser. It can remove green, black and blue pigments better than other laser removal techniques. The green color is often left behind when treating with other methods but not with alexandrite. This treatment is popular due to the ability to removing green pigments. A survey shows that it is an effective and safe method as well as the best tattoo removal near me ( ). Before removing your tattoo it is crucial to talk to a dermatologist or a laser surgeon who uses the updated lasers to know about the process and what colors can be removed.

Q-Switched Nd- YAG Laser – Infrared rays are emitted from this lase technique that is visible to the human eye. In addition to Nd-YAG crystal, the laser is filled with potassium titanyl phosphate crystal for doubling the frequency of laser light. It is not only an effective process of removing dark blue and black inks but even removes orange, yellow and red colors. The laser radiates a specific wavelength of light that penetrates the tissue and there is an immediate blast. Then the particles are scattered out and few of them gets bounced off the skin while some are submerged by phagocytes and removed by the lymphatic system.


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