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04 Apr 2019
Maintaining an inspiring credit history and having a great credit score can impact noticeably on your standard of living. On the contrary, if your credit history is damaged, it would appear intense for you to get a loan that you may require to meet different needs like building a home, initiating a venture, buying a car, or backing your son for higher education. With a low credit rating, banks and loan companies find you unfit for providing a loan because your credit score is all that acts as a decisive factor to how banks and financial institutes outweigh your ability to repay the loan. If you cannot wait for years to try different means to fix your poor credit rate, investing in tradelines will be the quickest way to increase credit score ( ).

How It Works

Typically, tradeline records all activity linked with a credit account which is used by credit reporting bureaus while calculating credit score of different borrowers. Financial institutes usually study your tradelines and accordingly decide your creditworthiness. Thus, buying positive tradelines as its authorized user can surely give a considerable boost to your credit score. Simply, As an AU, you’ll inherit the upbeat payment history of that account which reflects on your credit score with the increased rating. The third party or AU using the lender's credit account is not allowed to use that account, make any change in it and equally not responsible to pay back the dues in it. Thus, by following easy steps below you can access the quickest way to increase credit score:

  As you search through Google, you will find top class tradeline companies interested to add you as their authorized user. Spend a good time, research well, compare fees, and select one that matches your needs.

  Get a reply from the tradeline company and have a consultancy. Know the details of terms and conditions. Once you agree you will get lease agreement which you have to update with complete information and upload your ID document details as per requirement. Sign the agreement digitally and pay the fees.

  You will be added as an authorized user to the cardholder’s account. You’ll get a report as well as a credit boost within the specified time.

Important Points to Note

  How big boost you can expect?

It depends largely on the primary card holder as well as the current status of your credit history. While the truth is that the number of cards are added to your credit report, the bigger boost you can expect; be careful that often this will not be accepted by credit bureaus considering your credit history.

  How long it takes to find a credit rate boost?

If everything is in order, it can take nearly 60-90 days to find the appearance of the boost up credit score on your tradeline.

  How long you have to continue as an authorized user

Not anything mandatory. Once you feel that your own credit score ( ) is built or you find your credit score is harmed due to the delayed payment by the primary card holder, you can just request the credit bureaus to get you removed from that account.


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