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12 Apr 2019
Almost all gym enthusiasts from youngsters to professionals dislike carrying too much stuff to attend their gym club. Like many others, you might be reaching your fitness center by cycle, bus, or hopping a train while wearing a huge backpack tends to be burdensome and annoying. All gym points provide specific storage space to house your baggage and it’ll be equally amusing to your companions seeing you to leave your backpack outside the cupboard. Here’s why you should be outfitted with hardwearing, masculine, smart and small gym bags for men ( ). However, before buying one, have a few minutes research and you’ll find the perfect one from loads of models out there. So, which points to consider just let’s have a quick look?

Duffle or Weekenders

With its historical presence, duffle is one of the top selling small gym bags for men, which comes with its traditional cylindrical shape, carrying handles, shoulder straps and nowadays with wheels too. So, aside from being ‘small’, it has plenty of carrying options adding to almost zero weight to your duffel and making travel smart and relaxing. Weekenders are designed more rectangular, smaller but equally fit to accommodate a few clothes, toiletries in addition to your gym gears to kick start for a weekend trip cum activity session.

Storage Space

Reputable marketers of small gyms bags have a diligent eye to understand your needs and accordingly bring in more up to date varieties with extra pockets either inside or outside as well as concealed pouches to store your valuables like a costly watch, smartphone, money purse, and vital papers. Similarly, use split pockets on the exterior part for keeping essential medicines, magazines and anything that you like to use for entertaining while traveling. Even for smaller ones, ‘size’ certainly matter and considering the volume of things you’re intended to carry, you can go for bags with 20-40 liters inside space.

Materials and Durability

Instead of compromising with canvas or spending dollars on leather, stick to high-quality ballistic nylon those are stylish, lightweight, supple and enduring. Aside from tougher than canvas and leather, nylon works fantastic as a water-proof both externally as well as internally with waterproof interior jackets. When it comes to durability, a number of factors add to a product’s resilience. As you should be concerned about the stitching quality and closures to check the zippers, don’t forget to zip-and-unzip them to ensure their quality and smoothness. While it’s feasible in offline stores, when buying online, settle on branded products to ensure 100% quality and consistency.


Shopping duffel or weekender type small gym bags for men ( ) are having handles on both sides enabling you to carry the same by hand apart from shoulder straps to carry it slinging across the body. Thus, as per necessity, you can keep your hands free to check your mobile phone, hangout with your buddy or do some other activities. Make sure that the straps are made hearty enough to take the strain of your things and equally pliable to make you feel relaxing.


That entirely depends on your choice while you can stay with a classic navy, gray, black as a smart color options complementing to your personality and taste or a multicolored trendy one.


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