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26 Apr 2019
Cold therapy is a potent remedy for healing all kinds of orthopedic trauma including shoulder injuries. For healing shoulder injuries, it is best to administer cold therapy via ice machines for shoulders.

Cold Therapy for Healing Shoulder Injuries

Cold therapy is a natural remedy. It involves the use of freezing temperatures to reduce swelling and pain resulting from orthopedic injuries.

The cold temperature temporarily hinders nerve communication on the site of application, which then reduces blood flow the area as well. Without sufficient blood supply, the inflammation begins to reduce. When inflammation lessens, it also results in reduced pain.

Cold therapy ( ) is often a part of the recovery program of patients post their shoulder surgeries. The shoulder joint consists of several tendons that can become painful due to overuse over the years or any other trauma. A rotator cuff repair is a common surgery to treat a painful group of tendons in the shoulder joint. Shoulder replacement surgery is a major procedure requiring an intense recovery program often lasting for months. However, patients cannot commence their rehabilitation exercises until the pain lessens post their surgeries.

Cold therapy helps them with speedy recovery by reducing pain and helping them begin their physical exercises sooner than expected. Cold therapy helps patients to regain the range of motions in their joint-post their shoulder replacement surgery.

People can experience pain in their shoulder joints due to the nature of their professional work such as wall painting, excessive use of computers, or machine work. Cold therapy can help heal the sore shoulder muscles and lessen the pain in the joint.

With speedy recovery, patients can also reduce their requirement for pain medicines. Pain-relievers can be addictive in the long run and can be harmful to your health.

Administering Cold Therapy on the Shoulder Joint

To fully benefit from cold therapy, patients need to administer it properly. The best way to deliver cold therapy is via special devices known as cold therapy units or ice therapy machines.

You can use an ice machine for shoulder from a reputed brand such as IsoComforter to enjoy its full benefits. IsoComforter makes its cold therapy units using the patented Iso tube technology for the most efficient delivery of cold temperatures over injured muscles. The healing pads in IsoComforter machines are designed with ridges for safe and optimal delivery of cold therapy.

IsoComforter ice machine for shoulder ( ) comes with a special healing pad to use specifically on the joint. It delivers cold therapy on the shoulder joint from all sides rather than just one. You can wrap the healing pad around the shoulder after filling the tank with ice and water. As you switch on the machine, the cold water will begin to flow from the tank to the healing pad.

You will need to use cold therapy consistently until healing on the shoulder joint is complete. Your doctor may recommend 2-3 sessions of cold therapy; each lasting for 15-20 minutes at a time or another regimen depending on your unique healing needs.


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