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27 Apr 2019
Using carpet stair treads has emerged as a simple, safe, and affordable solution to add beauty, warmth, and style to your home. Ideally designed for easier and faster installation, they don’t require you to call for professional help for fitting them. Equally, since they’re not fitted like costly runner carpets, when it comes to cleaning your stairs, just remove them, mop the steps, and put them in place as earlier. As those budget-friendly staircase coverings will protect your hardwood or tile finished stirs from all potential scratches and retain your home value, they equally offer a softer landing pace and safe you from possible slip and fall.

Thus, there’re many logical grounds why you should consider having your carpet stair treads ( ) for your home, nonetheless, when it comes to shopping them, you will find many bumpy areas and will require you have further research. This is vital because apart from having trend containing style and color, it needs to be sufficiently durable, which depends on the type of yarn type and its woven quality. So, let us discuss the matter in further detail which can be treated as a guideline for your help.


Stairs count the highest footsteps of your home throughout the day. Thereby, it’s vital that the carpet stair treads that cover them should be adequately durable to withstand the heavy traffic, and equally stay orderly and look good. Here’s a handy guideline

  Polypropylene is extremely robust, soft, and lasting. Being resistive to mildew, moisture, and staining, it can be a fantastic choice for any kind of stair or basement treads.

  Acrylic which looks similar to woolen carpets is equally demanding for staircase treads since it’s resistant to mold/mildew, moths, stains and robust in nature.

  Carpet stair treads made of natural plant fiber Sisal is strong, sturdy, and lasting enough to accept high foot traffic. It offers a great Grass Rug look, however, not as soft as polypropylene or wool.

  Nylon is spongy and resilient enough to withstand high-traffic areas.

  Wool is another natural and durable fiber and offers a high status when used for stairs. For wide curved stairs, they happen to be the first choice.

  Seagrass stair treads are naturally resilient, stain resistant and with their low demand for maintenance, they are a great choice for busy families.


With profuse varieties available online, you can choose traditional to trendiest carpet stair treads featured with complex to down-to-earth design matching to the style of your home, its interior, type of staircase, be it straight, round or spiral type. If you own a home of modest type or a rustic one, it would be the best choice for you to consider having carpet stair treads made of natural fiber like sisal or seagrass. Similarly, for stylish treads, you can find animal prints, striped or plushy ones with matching borders that echo in concert.


Prior to placing an order online, it’s important for you to measure the size of your stairs based on which you decide the dimension of the treads you need. Apart from measuring the length and width of the stairs, you need to decide how you like to place the treads on the steps. Whether it’ll fully cover the steps or you want to expose one inch of your hardwood steps, accordingly find the size of mats before ordering. Good news is that you can get custom sized carpet stair treads ( ) to form reputable marketers online.


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