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03 May 2019
AC systems continue operating throughout the extreme summer days while fighting back against raw utility line with spikes, surges, and erratic power behaviors. Similarly, during the winters, when ACs practically remain dormant, their built-in accessories like filters, fins or coils continually absorb more and more dust particles in the air, dust allergens which cause blockage, reduce machine efficiently and shortened their life.

Which is why; you are recommended to obtain preventive service twice annually to get the most out of your investment. However, if you’re one of those homeowners who believe that preventive maintenance is just spoiling of money, then you should be always prepared to call for emergency AC repair in Houston ( ) during the summer. Thankfully, prior to a breakdown, by and large, all ACs manifest a number of signs that alert you that it needs immediate tuning-up. Understand them and take your action.

Hot Air from Vents

The main function of an AC is providing your cool air and obviously not exuding hot air from its vents. Ensure that it’s been switched to cooling mode with a setting which is lower than your indoor air temperature. If everything is found ok and yet your experience your room is warming up gradually, it’s a great sign that either the compressor is not doing its job and likely to collapse or there might be some other technical problem with the thermostat. Without further delay, get your smartphone and speak to your emergency AC repair in Houston services.

Different Temperature Level

With a centralized AC at home, often people experience dissimilarity of temperature level in a specific floor or area, which must not happen since the cooling system is controlled centrally. And this is an indication that there is some kind of blockage, damage, or air leakage in the pipeline transferring the airflow. Since the entire AC line in a centralized system mostly structured concealed, it could be hard-hitting for you to spot the issue on your own. Further research and delay due to this will end up with more energy loss, increased utility bill while worsening the situation. So, it’s the time you should call for emergency AC repair in Houston for immediate support.

Frequent Cycles

Typically air conditions maintain a routine on-off cooling cycle, regardless of its thermostat set point. In order to fight back the incredibly hottest summer days in Houston, you’re expected to turn on the cooling system more frequently with a lower setpoint while the on-off cycle should be regular. However, if you suddenly notice that that the cycle is infrequent and haphazard, it’s a great indication that the system needs an instant tune-up by emergency AC repair in Houston ( ).

Unusual Noises

While all branded air-conditioners operate quite silently, it’s not an uncommon experience for users to find them emit unusual sounds similar to buzzing, rattling, grinding or shrieking from inside. A definite and serious problem which may occur due to a number of causes and that needs immediate professional intervention.

Odd Smell

You might smell stinking odor as you switch on the AC or HVAC and naturally suspect it’s coming from inside the cooling and heating system. These kinds of issues are commonly noticed by those who sidestep preventive maintenance services which lead to constant microbial growth in the duct system. First of all, if you still ignore the issue considering it not that much serious, you should be mentally prepared to spend hefty for treatment of your family loved caused by serious allergens and secondly, avoiding a faster air condition tune-up will eventually lead to more comprehensive and costly tuning including replacement of spare parts.


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