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08 May 2019
The user interface is the first thing visitors see when they visit your company’s website. First impressions count! With an excellent user interface, visitors will engage more with your content and will be more likely to return. Therefore, to build a good website, you need the expert skills of a User Interface (UI) developer.

What to Look for in UI Developer Candidates

First of all, ask the right UI interview questions ( ) to assess the candidates’ knowledge of work requirements. Ideally, you want people with creative design skills and expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Furthermore, they must know how different browsers display web pages and how this affects what the users see at their end.

UI projects typically require collaboration with clients, UX designers, backend developers, content writers, illustrators, and others. Therefore, solid communication skills are essential. You also want candidates who can accept feedback and criticism when their work warrants it.

Preparing for the UI Interview

Before the interview, compile a list of the most commonly asked UI interview questions. These can help you to check how well the candidates know your company and its requirements. You also want to know what they can bring to the table. Moreover, you want to assess their personalities and discover if they will fit in well with your company culture.

You should also ask technical UI interview questions to test the candidate’s practical knowledge of building UIs. Furthermore, take some time to tailor these to your company’s exact requirements. As far as possible, write down the types of answers you expect. It will help you to remain objective in assessing the candidate’s UI skills.

Some Commonly Asked UI Interview Questions:

•  Explain the difference between User Interface design and User Experience design?

•  What are the features of HTML5 that have made UI development easier?

•  Tell us about the various layout systems you can use for UI.

•  How does the CSS Box Model affect UI layout?

•  List the things you should consider when for designing a multilingual UI.

•  Should you use CSS properties which are not yet supported by all browsers?

•  What are the techniques used to keep a UI up-to-date across multiple devices?

•  How do you test a UI with the dev tools in your browser?

•  What are the current UI trends?

•  What most interests you about UI development?

•  How do you evaluate a UI?

•  What do you know about our UI development techniques?

•  In what way can you contribute to improving our website’s UI?

•  Which online resources do you use to learn new UI skills?

•  Tell us about the tools you regularly use for UI design.

•  Explain the typical workflow for designing a UI.

Besides these UI interview questions ( ), don’t forget to review the candidates’ portfolios to assess their UI development work. Even if you are interviewing novices, they should have a few personal UI projects to show. Along with technical skills, the projects demonstrate that the candidates have the initiative, motivation, and discipline to work on UI projects.


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