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08 May 2019
The rise of digital marketing has increased the demand for marketing professionals. According to a 2019 Marketing Talent Crunch survey, 90% of the businesses surveyed mentioned they were facing difficulties in finding the right marketing talent. If this is true for your business as well, you should partner with marketing recruiting firms ( Vitamintalent.Com/Marketing-Recruiting-Firms ) . Here are some facts that show the importance of using a marketing staffing agency.

Faster Hiring

The same Talent Crunch survey indicates, 83% of marketing roles need up to five weeks to fill. Marketing recruiting agencies can reduce the time-to-fill vacancy considerably. This is because marketing staffing agencies maintain a talent pool that has ready-for-work candidates.

Marketing recruiters are known to create a database which contains information about marketing candidates interested in working for your type of company. When you partner with a marketing staffing agency, your organization gets access to the talent pool of the staffing agency. One of the benefits of using the talent pool is that you can find the right candidate within a couple weeks or less.

Quality Candidates

There is a thin line between sales and marketing, and you will sometimes see salespeople applying for marketing positions in leading organizations. Though both relate to each other in the process, they are far from similar. A marketing recruitment agency has specialist recruiters who understand this difference.

Marketing recruiting firms keep hiring for different marketing positions in different industry verticals. Their deep knowledge about marketing positions, functions, and the skills required for the job gives them an edge when finding quality marketing candidates.

Marketing recruitment agencies keep themselves updated about skill sets required for different marketing roles. They do client focused skills assessments to judge a candidate’s worthiness before referring the candidate for a final interview.

Reduction in Overhead Costs

Recruiting is a resource-intensive process and your HR staff will often need to work overtime. This means the company has to pay overtime and other benefits to its internal recruiters.

When you work with a marketing recruitment firm, it shoulders all the responsibilities of the hiring process. This means the internal recruiters do not have to work for extended periods during the hiring process and an organization can save on overtime costs.

Reduction in Attrition

Employee attrition is not good for any business. Besides the tangible costs of employee attrition, there are several intangible costs like the decline in productivity, an increase in workload and stress on current employees. Marketing recruiting firms ( Vitamintalent.Com/What-We-Do ) work to reduce attrition in different ways.

Recruitment agencies optimize the hiring process by stating clear and specific requirements about the job position. During preliminary interviews, recruitment agencies articulate the vision of your business so that candidate knows your organization better and also know in which way it is going. All this helps in establishing your company as a good employer which earns their dedication and commitment.

Thus, you can see these are some of the facts that show the importance of partnering with marketing recruiting firms.

Do you know any other benefit of partnering with a marketing staffing agency? Please feel free to comment.


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