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21 Jun 2019
In the era of competition, being healthy is not just for the sake of the body but is also a competition and matter of trend. It is a social media trend to post pictures of gym routines and well-toned body. The healthier the person is the better the posts and followers are. A girls gym bag ( Livewell360/products/Girls-Gym-Bag ) is one such accessory that often features in a number of social media posts. Bag manufacturers have gauge this and are making some of the best designs to compliment the style of this flaunting generation. Hence, while purchasing that picture perfect gym bag, girls should consider the following things:


Different girls have different needs as some like to carry their world with them while others choose few things to be taken. No matter what preference a girl has, there is a bag for every girl to suit her needs and fit into her budget. Manufacturers have to combine customer’s feedback and requirements to prepare new designs.


Girls gym bag must have enough space to carry all the essentials with ease. While making room for everything, bag manufacturers are using the concept of multiple compartments and organizer pockets. These compartments help in even distribution of the weight and complete separation of shoes, food, and laptop from the rest of the thing in the bag. Some bag designs even have separate small pockets with cord organizers to store earphones and chargers without tangling them with each other.


After size and space come the material of the bag. Gym bags have to go through a lot of wear and tear that cannot be avoided. Similarly, they are kept on different types of floor and store many wet and heavy things in it. These bags are often made from heavy-duty nylon that provides both strength and water-resistance to the bag. Although there are now bags made from leather and oxford fabric also available in the market but are still behind the nylon ones. Similarly, the steel buttons at the bottom protect the bag when it is kept on a rough and uneven surface.

Strength and durability

Girls gym bag ( ) regardless of its size and shape will be stuffed with gym essentials and other things. Therefore, it should have long-lasting zippers, buttons, and locks to handle the wear and tear every time the bag is packed and unpacked. No girl will like having her bag collapse as she takes out things from it. It will be both inconvenient and embarrassing. Stainless steel forms the best choice for corrosion free and strong material to make fasteners, buttons, clamps and the zippers.

Manufacturer’s warranty

A good manufacturer will always provide a warranty with the bag that will ensure that the bag will stay as long as its manufacturer has promised it. It is therefore advisable to the girls not to go for looks or the price as the deciding factor. The bag will be suffering a lot of wear and tear in while accompanying to the gym and hence need to stay for long.


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