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04 Jul 2019
As an online presence becomes an essential factor for conducting business activities, a growing number of organizations are investing in user-friendly, easy to navigate websites. They want visitors to browse through their sites and get an instant idea of the products and services they offer. To manage this, they require the services of talented and knowledgeable UX designers.

Finding the right UX designers can be a tricky matter, however. Aside from talent and knowledge, you need someone who is reliable and has decent communication skills. Moreover, they must have time management and project management abilities to see the job through from start to end.

Unless you have the time and interviewing experience to pick the right candidate, it might be a good idea to let a creative staffing agency handle everything for you. Given their long experience in hiring UX designers for a range of industries, they know what to look for in potential candidates. Furthermore, they have a compilation of UX interview questions to help them assess the candidates’ skills and the extent of their experience.

Essential UX Designer Interview Questions ( ) to Ask

•  What was your main interest in becoming a UX Designer?

•  What is your prior experience, if any, in the UX design field?

•  Have you ever worked on a collaborative UX design project? If so, can you tell us about the project and your overall experience working on it?

•  Have you worked on any personal UX projects? What did you learn from these?

•  Do you think that UX design is essential for web development? If so, can you briefly state some of your reasons?

•  Explain how interaction design differs from information architecture.

•  How essential are market research and market strategy in UX design?

•  What is your method for carrying out market research?

•  Once you have compiled user research, what steps do you take to incorporate it into your UX design plan?

•  What is your experience in using software for designing prototypes? Which software have you employed?

•  Give us a rundown of your work process. How adaptable are you? Let’s say the client asks you to make some crucial changes in your design. How soon can you implement those?

•  If you think that some of the changes the clients want will detract from the overall project, how will you handle the situation?

•  What are some of the design features that you think all designers should use in their UX design projects?

•  Do you use analytical tools to evaluate your UX design project? What was your experience with those?

•  In your opinion, what are some of the developments in UX design that we can look forward to in the future?

•  Do you plan to continue working in the UX design field for the long haul? Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

By asking these UX designer interview questions ( ), you can discover how knowledgeable and articulate the candidates are. Furthermore, you can gauge if they will adjust well to your company culture and contribute to your overall success.


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