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13 Jul 2019
An ice machine for shoulders is a device to deliver ice therapy (cold therapy) on the shoulder joint. You can use it to heal post-surgical pain on the shoulders or for the speedy healing of injuries on the joint.

Ice Therapy for Shoulders

Ice therapy is a remedy where the application of freezing temperatures helps with speedy healing of orthopedic injuries. It can be extremely helpful for healing the shoulder post surgeries or after you sustain an injury on the joint.

The freezing temperature helps by temporarily reducing blood supply to the affected site by blocking nerve communication on the application area. Without an adequate blood supply, the inflammation or the swelling cannot sustain itself for long. As it begins to lessen; patients can experience a reduction in the pain that results because of the inflammation.

Ice therapy is best delivered using special devices designed for the purpose.

Using the Ice Machine on Shoulders

An ice machine is a device designed to deliver ice therapy in an efficient and safe manner. It consists of components such as a tank, a pump, a healing pad, etc.

If you need to use one for your shoulders; it is best to use a quality machine from brands such as IsoComforter.

IsoComforter utilizes the patented Iso tube technology to make its ice machines. The use of this technology helps in the safe and efficient delivery of ice therapy. The ridges in the healing pad of IsoComforter machines help to keep the skin safe from the freezing temperatures.

To use the ice machine for shoulders ( ); first, you need to fill the tank with ice and water. Then wrap the healing pad around the joint. You can sit comfortably before switching on the machine. The pump then helps the water to flow to the healing pad via a connecting tube.

Your doctor will recommend the schedule for you if you need to use the ice machine post your shoulder surgery. At the least, you will need to use it multiple times a day; with each session lasting around 15-20 minutes. Your schedule can differ also depending on the trauma on the shoulder joint.

You can use the ice machine post your shoulder replacement surgery to regain the range of motions in the joint. Shoulder replacement surgery patients need to go through an extensive rehabilitation program for their complete healing. But they cannot exercise until the pain in the joint has subsided considerably. Ice therapy can be useful in this regard. It helps with the speedy healing of the patients. It can also be helpful for the speedy healing of patients post their rotator cuff surgery.

You can use an ice machine for shoulders to relieve pain on the joint due to torn tendons or muscle ruptures.

The important thing is to use the ice machine consistently until the healing is complete. An ice machine for shoulders ( ) can help you to deliver ice therapy without missing your sessions due to its ease of use.


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