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31 Aug 2019
IR1 Visa – A Short Description

As there are different types of immigrant visas by which one can bring the foreign spouse to America, it is natural to feel confused as regards the visa category for which one should apply. The category of this visa is immigrants. When an individual gets this visa, then that means that he or she is entitled to get the permanent residency. Of course, there is a provision for renewing the same to suit one’s own needs. The related individual is entitled to get permanent residency in the USA for ten long years. Of course, there is a provision for renewing the same to suit one’s own needs.

Roughly speaking, the time required for the completion of the process this visa application will be more or less 5 to 10 months. The worthy part is that the applicant can submit the documents from any foreign country. The official form that one must use for the petition is 1-130.  When the visa gets approved, then the status will be LPR (lawful permanent resident).  Besides, the processing for green card begins on entry. One can start the processing of the green card on entering the country.

Another tempting part of IR1 Visa ( ) is that the spouse can take the children also with him or her. This is highly beneficial to all American nationals who have foreign spouses and children. However, there is an age restriction for this. However, there is an age restriction for this. Only those children, who are unmarried and are below 21 years are allowed to accompany the foreign spouse. They will have to obtain the K-2 visa within a year of getting the K-1visa. The applicant will have to face a personal interview with the embassy officials. This interview is to check the genuineness of the application. The affidavit form is 1-134. You must bear in mind that the embassy officials will need the originals of all documents presented.

Why Hire a Professional Agency?

1)  The process of applying for IR1 Visa requires specific documentation. When you hire the services of a professional immigration and visa service agency, they will take care of all these required paperwork as it should be.

2)  You can expect a customized service, precisely in sync with the beneficiary’s profile. This tailored help will be beneficial to your spouse or fiancée, let whatever be the case.

3)  There will be a special team to help your spouse as regards the interview and the arrival at the airport. They will conduct specially drafted classes so that the related individual becomes fully aware of the practical formalities.

How to Find Professional Immigration and Visa Service Providers ( )?

You must make sure that the agency is experienced and reliable.  If a company has decades of experience in immigration and visa service, by all means, it is advisable to approach them for your visa needs. For assessing the dependability factor, you can take the reviews given by the clients into consideration.


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