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21 Oct 2019
A lot has been written about what not to try and remove any unwanted ink at home, but today you will be presented with a new topic – things to know for fast and effective tattoo removal.

Be Aware of the Process

The fact it is the duty of our bodies for protecting us from foreign objects, and when you are getting a new tattoo that involves different-sized particles of ink pigments being deposited beneath the skin’s top layer with each needle prick, immediately your body tried to get rid of it. It sends white blood cells for attacking the ink particles and carries them out of your system, but most of the particles are large, that is the reason tattoo stays on your skin. When you visit the clinic for laser tattoo removal ( ), the above process is sped up by the laser that breaks the pigment particles at lightning speed. After the particles are broken down efficiently into tiny bits, the ink is gone.

Understand what Affects the Success Rate for Fast Tattoo Removal

When using laser removal, the huge ink particles might be digested slightly by the lymphatic system that makes the ink fade but not disappear fully - no matter how you are rubbing with bleaching creams, sand, sugar, salt, and whatever else. Please remember that the tattoo colors, its size, the ink density, its position on your body, and whether tattoo removal is done by an amateur artist or professional will affect not only the number of treatments you need but how successful the process is going to be.

Setting Your Expectations

As the tattoo removal process is affected by multiple factors, you need to be mentally prepared for making compromises. Just imagine, even after multiple treatments that you have invested so much, your tattoo has not faded completely, and you realize you are unable to continue the process anymore. The reason can be health, financial, moving abroad or anything. Would you be accepting the reality and be satisfied that most of your old ink has vanished? Think not only about the result of tattoo removal but also what other options are available.

Potential Side Effects

When looking for fast tattoo removal ( ), you should be aware of the side effects. There is a risk of hypopigmentation where the treated skin becomes paler than the surrounding skin or hyperpigmentation where the treated skin will become dark. You can avoid or minimize the side effects by keeping the treated area protected from self-tanning creams, UV lamps, and sun. There are chances of scarring or infection; that is why your skin needs to be treated by a professional.

Your Involvement in the Process is Important

For speeding up the tattoo removal process, follow the below-mentioned tips for having a strong immune system, and become healthy.

•  Do any physical exercise for faster blood circulation and drink plenty of water.

•  Maintaining a balanced diet that includes omega-3 acids, nuts, whole grains, raw foods, and lean protein

•  An 8-hour sound sleep that helps your body to heal faster


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