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19 Nov 2019
Popularly known as China’s leading search engine platform, Baidu provides an arena for businesses to promote their brand and products in the Chinese market. Baidu PPC or Pay per Click has a wide number of features that can be leveraged to promote businesses in China. However, both Chinese and oversea businesses need to open and set up a Baidu account to advertise on this platform.

In order to reach out to the target audience, businesses need to create ads with relevant keywords. Baidu search engine pages display these ads when potential customers search for a product or service they desire. This increases the likelihood of generating leads and increasing sales. Baidu advertising ( adstochina.westwin/Baidu-Advertising ) increases traffic to business websites and thereby improves the chance of engaging with prospective customers. These ads appear on different places on the search engine pages.

Benefits of Using Baidu Advertising

Meets online marketing requirements

With improved targeting capabilities, Baidu PPC focuses on a specific set of customers and thereby yields maximum results. Moreover, the cost of advertising on Baidu is relatively low compared to other marketing tools. With a 95% penetration rate, Baidu attracts customers who search for specific products and services intending to buy. Therefore, it leads to a higher rate of conversion.

Improved visibility

With more than billions of products and services marketed every day in an ever-evolving country like China, gaining online visibility is simply impossible without marketing products on Baidu. Pay per Click ads on Baidu provides greater visibility to products and services, which is why oversea entrepreneurs need to advertise on Baidu to gain online visibility. Chinese consumers believe that if a product is advertised on Baidu, it is worthy of purchase.


One of the biggest advantages of using Baidu PPC is that there is no unique fee or charge for advertising your products and services on search engine pages. You are charged a minimal fee only when prospective customers click on your advertisement. Charges are based on the PPC model, which is relatively low and affordable.


In addition to being affordable, Baidu PPC is also customizable as you can choose the time and location of advertisement. You can also manage your budget by choosing daily or weekly charges on the advertisements.

Baidu provides a lucrative arena for local and oversea businesses who want to tap into the ever-growing Chinese market. As the majority of the Chinese consumers search on Baidu for reviews and product details, it is one of the most effective advertising and marketing platforms in the country. Advertising in the Chinese language is essential while utilizing Baidu PPC, which can be quite difficult for oversea entrepreneurs. However, many companies in China provide services to set up an account on Baidu ( ) and launch an advertising campaign for your business.


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