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20 Feb 2020
A SIP Trunk is an extremely reliable way to enhance your business communications while reducing business expenses at the same time. If you don’t have knowledge about cloud communications setup, choosing the best between SIP Trunk providers ( http//ringleader/Sip-Trunk-Providers ) can be a difficult task.

To make things easier for you, we have listed 5 things to consider while choosing a SIP trunk provider.

1.  Support

The SIP trunk is a relatively new technology and there is very little general awareness about the way it works common problems and solutions. These factors increase the importance of technical support. You need to find out how reliable and efficient technical support the SIP Trunk service provider offers. The technical support should be available 24x7. This will ensure help is within reach when you face connection issues, awkward pauses, and glitches in the communication system.

2.  Redundancy and Reliability

Your SIP Trunking service can fail anytime for a number of reasons like hardware failure, data center failure or network outage. This will leave you without connection to your customers.

A reliable SIP Trunking provider would have alternate infrastructure arrangements needed to restore service with minimal interruptions. This comes in the form of data center facilities at multiple locations, redundant hardware and Internet connectivity that translates into 99.9% of uptime guarantee for its clients.

The quality of hardware provided by the SIP Trunking provider is also an important factor to consider. Some SIP Trunk Providers offer cheap hardware to its clients to compensate for the low prices and get more profit. Poorer quality equipment is likely to fail frequently that can lead to disruptions in business communication.

3.  Security

The security of business communication is an important factor that needs to be taken seriously. The SIP Trunk provider should do everything needed to operate the network securely and reduce the chances of intrusions.

Make sure the SIP Trunk provider used industry-standard protection tools like firewalls, anti-virus software, and encryption protocols.

4.  Add-On Features

The add-on features offered by SIP Trunk vendors can vary significantly. What you may consider basic features may be offered as add-ons and this may affect the overall pricing. Depending on your business requirements you need to look for features like Caller ID, Enhanced 911, 411, Email-to-Fax, Voicemail-to-Email transcription, call forwarding, call conferencing, video chat, auto-attendant, toll-free calling, and other features.

5.  PBX Compatibility

Switching to SIP Trunk does not mean you discard all older business communication systems. You need to look for a SIP Trunk Provider who is ready for compatibility and interoperability testing before suggesting you invest in new SIP-enabled PBX. Some SIP trunk providers offer a SIP gateway to make your existing PBX SIP friendly.

Be aware some potential SIP Trunk providers ( ) try and make you upgrade your hardware unnecessarily. The SIP Trunk vendor should be ready to explore all possibilities to help your organization save some money while helping your company reap all strategic benefits of SIP Trunking.

These are the top 5 things to consider when choosing the best between SIP Trunking providers.


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