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20 Feb 2020
Everything about backpacks has changed significantly over the last few decades. Backpacks are all about style and functionality. From padded sleeves for laptops to extra pouches for phones and other accessories, most of the features we find in modern backpacks are something we take for granted. Similar to laptop sleeves, some of the latest backpacks also have separate shoe compartments, which is an essential feature for those who work out more often. However, there are several kinds of backpacks with shoe compartments and even more places to buy them. So, how do you know which backpack to choose from tons of options?

Some Essential Features

Some of the best backpacks are those, which last for a considerable period notwithstanding the wear and tear of daily life. Make sure you choose a backpack that has all the below-mentioned features.

Waterproof material

You might need a backpack, which is waterproof if you plan on a long hike for several days, otherwise, a backpack with semi-waterproof material will be ideal. This will ensure that your bag stays dry when there is a drizzle. Choose materials, which are light in weight but thick so that your clothes and other accessories stay dry in case of a downpour. Bags made of ballistic nylon are considerably good when it comes to choosing the perfect material for your backpack. Most of the backpacks do include tarps, which protect your bags from rain and vagaries of nature. When your backpack is made of water-resistant material, there is hardly any need to worry about wet clothes, laptops, and other accessories.


A small downside of choosing a backpack with a separate shoe compartment ( livewell360/backpack-with-shoe-compartment ) is space, which is quite essential while you buy any sort of bag. However, some of these backpacks do have a floating wall, which can be extended when the shoe compartment is not in use. In this way, you can accommodate more items in your backpack while traveling or hiking. Some of the reputed brands have dedicated shoe compartments on the outer surface of the bags as some people love to flaunt their boots! Most people look to optimize space while they pack their stuff in their backpacks. Therefore, if you choose to prioritize space, then it is ideal to choose a backpack with an exterior shoe compartment that hardly interferes with your interior space.

While purchasing backpacks with a shoe compartment ( LiveWell360/products ), choose ones with proper ventilation so that your moist shoes can breathe while it is stored in your bag after hiking or a strenuous workout session. All you need to do is focus on the type of material, construction, and function while choosing the perfect backpack.


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