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28 Jul 2021
Protein shakes are one of the most popular forms of dietary supplements. These are used worldwide by people who lead a healthy lifestyle. Athletes and bodybuilders popularized protein shakes ( because of the enhanced results that were noted with regular consumption. These shakes have multiple uses, i.e., weight loss, gaining muscle, maintaining weight, and muscle recovery after an injury.

Although protein is accessible through natural sources like eggs, milk, legumes, and poultry, the quantity of protein isn’t very concentrated and thus requires long-term consumption for the required amount. This has resulted in the success of concentrated protein powders and packaged protein drinks.

The essential components of the human body are amino acids which are called the building blocks of proteins. For a well-functioning body, humans must consume a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. The body breaks down the protein that is consumed, and the necessary amino acids are used to rebuild the required protein.

Protein shakes are available in the markets in concentrated powders, concentrated liquids, capsules, and pre-packaged bottles. They can be mixed with milk, water, and fresh fruit depending on the goal and required calories.

Concentrated proteins are made from protein extracts which can be animal or plant-based. The plant-based proteins are – Soy protein, Pea protein, Hemp protein, and Rice protein, while the animal-based proteins are casein and whey. If you’re lactose intolerant, it is preferable to go with egg-based protein.

Since proteins are dietary supplements, they can be used to replace meals or boost meals.

One of the best protein powders in the current market is the Herbalife Protein shake. It is formally known as the Herbalife Personalized Protein Powder. A unique quality of this protein powder is that it consists of both plant and animal-based proteins. Herbalife protein shake is made of isolated soy protein, concentrated whey protein, sodium, and potassium. Apart from casein, soy and whey proteins are the only two known protein concentrates that contain all nine essential amino acids. The company believes in providing a healthier lifestyle to all individuals, and they promote the overall health of muscles, skin, and bones. This protein is excellent for people of all areas of life. It consists of all nine essential amino acids, which promote good muscle growth and optimum organ function. Since this protein shake can be used to substitute carbohydrates and fats, it is also excellent for anyone attempting to lose weight. Consumption of these shakes leaves a person feeling fuller and helps curb overeating and cravings. The fat content in the Herbalife Protein Shake is just 0.01g in each serving which builds leaner mass.

It boosts metabolism, helps in fat loss, and is ideal for both men and women (except pregnant women). Protein shakes ( ) should preferably be consumed for breakfast and pre or post-workouts to help with muscle recovery. Herbalife protein shake has been proven to reduce cravings by 60%. An average individual can have a balanced diet with necessary protein content with 1-2 servings, whereas an athlete or a bodybuilder can have 3-4 servings each day. Herbalife protein shake can be purchased from local markets or online retail stores.


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