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19 Sep 2022
Whether you are a first-time dog owner or a veteran, getting a fur baby can seem a bit intimidating. It is so because a new dog is an exciting time in the owners' life as they get a new companion or friend. However, when you get a dog, you also need to learn the most effective training tips so that you and your puppy can live happily. It is imperative because if you have a badly behaved pet, it can do more harm by destroying things and terrorizing any visitors you have over.

But training a puppy is not simple. It is so, especially for first-time pet owners. Sometimes, dogs can be notoriously stubborn and might not want to listen to you. Again, you should learn a few primary dog training tips to help you to get started. The tricks will give you the best opportunity to train your puppy successfully. So, without wasting time, let us learn the best tips from the best dog training master class ( ).

•        Avoid too much waiting to begin training

When you get your little one, you must avoid waiting too long before you begin training. The longer the dog goes without training, the older it gets, and you cannot train it properly. Though it is true that puppies are restless and have short attention spans, they can learn specific commands more quickly than mature dogs. Therefore, it is the first training tip you should look at while training your little fur baby.

•        Eliminate distractions

It is another vital dog training tip the best dog trainers use while training pooches. Dogs can get distracted due to several reasons. So, during the training sessions, it is wise to eliminate distractions whenever possible. For example, you can keep its toys away, do the training in some quiet place, or close the window. Additionally, always make the training sessions short to avoid distractions.

•        Be concise

Dogs are intellectual species. They can learn multiple things, words, and phrases. But during the initial training days, you should use easy-to-comprehend verbal commands as during that time their capability of comprehending verbal commands is basic. According to the best dog training master class ( ) instructors, one can use words like stay, sit, down, and paw in initial training sessions, as these are some of the common commands for puppies.

•        Use a leash while training

The cornerstone of all dog training is control. After all, a controlled pooch is calmer, focused, attentive, and always prepared to listen and respond to your instructions. That is why most dog trainers recommend using a leash during training sessions, as it offers added control over dogs.

•        Keep the training consistent and upbeat

You must keep the training consistent and upbeat to build trust and affection between you and your fur baby. It is another crucial thing that you must consider while training your little dog.

End Takeaway


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