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20 Sep 2022
Ageism or age-based discrimination is fairly common in the workplace and can take place in different manners. Often, elderly employees are denied promotion, advanced training, employment, and job opportunities while many face harassment and so on. Regardless of the kind of discrimination, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) -1967 is in place to protect applicants and employees aged 40 or more from age-based discrimination.

If you believe to be discriminated against by your employer or associates, without any delay search online with keywords like age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles ( who will fight on your behalf for a claim and your right if you have a case. However, proving age discrimination is quite challenging because in most cases it occurs subtly. Following are a few ways how age discrimination can be proved by lawyers.     

3 Ways to Prove Age Discrimination

Hiring - Employers are prohibited to treat unjustly considering their age in the hiring process. Remember that from interviewing you to the selection procedure, age must not be any parameter while hiring. This also applies to promotions. Although it’s hard to prove age discrimination, here are three different ways to establish that you are denied hiring due to your age.

Direct evidence – The interviewer asks you question like ‘how old are you? Or makes an age-linked comment such as, ‘how long you have planned to continue work?’ These kinds of questions or remarks prove that they have age-related bias and that is illegal.

Disparate action – Despite the fact that you are more qualified and experienced for the post, the employer hired younger candidates while rejecting you from offering employment. If this happens, look for an age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles on the web and consult your concern.


Making offensive remarks indicating your age has been made illegal since such action makes the workplace seem hostile to the employee. You can be harassed by your associates, supervisor, employer, or client.

Under such circumstances, make sure to document every incidence of harassment including the date, time, form of harassment, and who is involved in it. Make a report to your HR department or employer explaining everything with a copy of the documentation. If your employer doesn’t take any action and harassment continues, hire your trusted lawyer to get justice with the compensation that you deserve.


Your employer decides to lay off its manpower due to financial loss or as the company faces bankruptcy or any other cause. After being laid off, you become surprised to notice that only employees who are in their 40s or over are dismissed from the company while all younger employees are kept in their position as it is.

This is good evidence of age-based discrimination and to get justice, it makes sense to search for an age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles ( ) online who will help you by proving your employer’s illegal action. The professional further helps you get compensation for your distress and damages as evaluated based on the legal guidelines.  

How Much Compensation You Can Get?

As per the ADEA rule, if you win in the age discrimination, you can recover all your lost wages in the form of back pay, you can also get front pay until getting another job, lost benefits, damages against emotional distress, and punitive damages for violating the law by the employer and advocate’s fees.


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