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30 Dec 2011
You must not let poor self esteem from stopping you to go ahead. Poor self esteem results out of stress and self sabotaging thoughts. According to statistical reports, self esteem in girls is much lower compared to boys. Emotions such as depression, worry, mental issues and feelings of worthlessness can reduce self esteem to a considerable extent. Let us look into some of the symptoms associated with poor self esteem. • Poor Social Interaction: If you notice that you loved to hang around with friends, but suddenly this urge has gone, you might be suffering from the problem of low self esteem. You feel like confining yourself within four walls of a room and think yourself to be worthless. Thoughts such as, “I am good for nothing, so why shall people or friends hang around with me” is a sign of low self esteem. • Insatiable: You may have baked a cake for your guests and they appreciate the taste very much. However, you apologize back to them thinking the taste could have been better. You are actually showing your lack of confidence this way. • Nagging: Crying for emotional reasons is one thing and crying just because somebody din’t like your outfit is completely different. This can be cited as another example of poor self-confidence. • Convincing Yourself that You are Worthless: We tend to feel worthless when a food is overcooked or when we mess up in a project. However, if you have a poor self esteem, you feel you are not good at anything. You feel that contributions you make are worthless. • Lack of Dressing Sense: You might feel lethargic to dress yourself and clad yourself in shabby dresses. Thoughts such as, “What is the point in dressing, I have no one to impress” are signs of low self esteem. • Self Consciousness: You might feel that people around you in a social gathering are always talking about you. Maybe they are bothered about your hair, your dress, your bag, the way you walk, the way you talk, probably everything you can imagine. In reality, may be no body has the slightest attention to such details, but you think they are being secretive and talking about you. • Not Accepting Your Worth: You may have put up a brave act by saving a child on road, a cat stuck on a treetop, but when people are praising you for your heroism, you feel they are just trying to be kind to you. You feel nothing extra ordinary or noble about it and just anybody can do that. Briefly, if you suffer from poor self esteem, you will simply hold yourself from enjoying life. Its better you do not let that happen. If you can identify these symptoms, you can seek help from experts and break the shackles of poor self esteem and lack of confidence. You can talk about your problem with a trusted friend and browse online for articles on boosting self esteem to get back the lost confidence.Self Esteem


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