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28 Dec 2012
Every spring it hits: a barrage of magazine covers full of super fit models showing off the season’s hottest bathing suit styles and their tight, rippling six pack abs. After spending the entire winter hidden under bulky sweaters, it can be scary to think about getting yourself back into bathing suit shape - especially because it is so unclear how to achieve that flat stomach. Is a healthy diet enough to get that toned tummy, or are ab workouts a necessary step in achieving your fitness goals?

There is no clear cut solution to achieving a flat stomach. Everybody starts with a different body and a different set of genetic traits and tendencies, so of course it will be easier for some people than others to achieve that flat stomach. Some...

24 Dec 2012
If you are an ex-military personnel and looking for work or civilian training, the very first thing that you will require is good CV advice. Here we shall discuss the important tips to help you create the perfect ex military CV.

•    Contact Details: Offer your contact details so that the employers can get in touch with you. Here you should include details such as your name, address, contact numbers and double check all the information you have provided.

•    Profile: You must offer complete detail of your career history. State the responsibilities you performed as military personnel from the civilian point of view. Mention the period you served in a regiment and other tour details. You must also include short paragraphs detailing...

14 Dec 2012
Sending your child to school can be tough. Parents want their children to do well, and most parents do everything in their power to prepare their children for the years of school ahead of them. The toughest thing to come to terms with is that sometimes the child’s level of intelligence won’t be enough to get through certain classes. All children have different methods of learning, and sometimes they will be taught by teachers who use other methods. Even if a teacher is understanding and teaches in a way that the child understands, teachers are bound to certain testing standards. They often have to test in a certain way and if that test does not meet the child’s learning style, there can be trouble. It’s a...