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28 Feb 2013
In the 1990s, businesses were thrilled to use email as a marketing tool. It got around the same rate of responses as direct mail did, but for a lot less money. Return on investment (ROI) exploded and communication managers were giddy. They had found the magic key. Currently, email marketing is ‘mainstream’ but only a small percentage of emails are ever opened. Fortunately, for product managers and marketers, a new innovative channel emerged, namely, bulk text messaging.

The Benefits of Bulk Text Messaging

•         Millions of people own a smartphone, or other cellular device
•         Around 80% have their phones with them at all times
•         A text message is read within a few seconds, or minutes, rather than...

27 Feb 2013

As an accountant, you know tax law like the back of your hand. In fact, the thing that accountants excel at the most is attention to detail, and working with the tax system requires a great deal of attention to detail in order to assure that procedures are being followed correctly and that your clients are not losing out on any tax advantages they may have. International tax law provides an even greater challenge. If you love working with the tax system in order to help your clients maximize their income, but would like a greater challenge, you might want to try working with clients who have international accounts. International tax accounting involves a great deal of problem solving, and can be a very challenging but...

9 Feb 2013
Commercial painting contractors use a variety of methods for exterior coating. Unlike home paint, commercial painting involves a lot more through preparation. Commercial painting may involve both interior and exterior painting. Both of these aspects are important for making a business aesthetically appealing to customers. Exterior painting usually involves use of attractive colors and the company logo. The other important aspect of commercial painting is interior painting. It is important to choose the colors that will reflect the nature of business while maintaining a proper professional atmosphere.

Commercial painters in Cleveland use a chemical composition in their paint, which ensures easy maintenance and is long...