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3 May 2019
AC systems continue operating throughout the extreme summer days while fighting back against raw utility line with spikes, surges, and erratic power behaviors. Similarly, during the winters, when ACs practically remain dormant, their built-in accessories like filters, fins or coils continually absorb more and more dust particles in the air, dust allergens which cause blockage, reduce machine efficiently and shortened their life.

Which is why; you are recommended to obtain preventive service twice annually to get the most out of your investment. However, if you’re one of those homeowners who believe that preventive maintenance is just spoiling of money, then you should be always prepared to call for emergency AC repair in Houston (

9 Jan 2019
As per the report of The US Energy Information Administration that over 89% of American homeowners are prepared with air conditioning. However, while a good number of them simply disregard the need of regular maintenance of their ACs, many are not even aware of the benefits of having a yearly service contract. As a consequence, most AC collapses are experienced especially when they’re top wanted in the hot summer days. It is important to note that before any breakdown, AC machines convey various indications ( ) and by addressing them with emergency AC repair in Houston timely you can obviously stay away from a major breakdown of the system. Six of these signs are stated below:

Blowing Warm...