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17 Jan 2019
Cold therapy (ice therapy) is often used to heal any orthopedic trauma including on the knee joints. Now, thanks to medical advancements, patients can use a machine for cold therapy rather than inconvenient ice packs. An ice machine for knee joints ( ) helps patients administer consistent cold therapy for their speedy recovery.

Ice Machine for Knee Joints – How it Helps?

An ice machine for knees helps to deliver cold therapy to the joint in the most optimal manner. Cold therapy is the application of freezing temperatures over joints and muscles to heal orthopedic trauma. It reduces swelling or the inflammation on the injury by temporarily stopping nerve communication and blood flow to the site of...

27 Nov 2018
Cold therapy is helpful for healing pain in any joint including the knee. An ice machine for knees is a device to deliver cold therapy to the knee joint efficiently and safely.

Understanding Knee Pain

The knee is a strong joint but also very susceptible to injuries. Knee pain can result from an injury to the joint – be it a fracture, ligament tear, or a scrape. Arthritis can also cause excruciating pain in the knee joint; often requiring surgery ( ). Years of damage to the joint also makes it necessary for some people to opt for knee replacement surgeries. Knee pain can also occur as patients recover during the post-operative period. A simple fall may result in knee pain that can last for years.