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18 Jan 2019
Today we will look at why hiring a child custody lawyer is vital in custody battles.

1. Expert guidance

In contentious issues like child custody disputes where stakes are high, it becomes necessary to have expert legal advice. Your child custody lawyer knows custody law inside out. After understanding your case, your custody lawyer explains your custodial rights and determines a plan of action. Also, when emotions are running high, you are more likely to make rash decisions. Your child custody lawyer ( parchmanlaw/child-custody ) guides you throughout the process and helps you make the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

2. Prepare you for a courtroom battle

A court is least interested in parents resentment towards each other. The...

18 Dec 2018
Lawyers for custody battles are trained in resolving child custody disputes. Hiring custody lawyer has numerous benefits. Below are the five reasons why you should hire lawyers for custody battles:

1. Protect Your Parental Rights

You don’t want to go into the custody battle with your spouse knowing nothing about your custody rights. Your custody lawyer tells you about your parental rights and stands beside you throughout the entire process ( parchmanlaw/child-custody ). Custody lawyers are specialized in dealing with child custody issues hence can better protect your parental rights than a general lawyer.

2. Favorable Negotiations

More than 90% of the child custody disputes are resolved out-of-the-court with the help of third-party...

22 Nov 2018
According to lawyers for custody battles that rather than fighting for sole custody, by controlling your emotional feelings, sticking to courtroom etiquettes, and demonstrating being a concerned parent, you can take it as a challenge to win custody. However, before you decide to run after a sole physical as well as legal custody, it’s essential that you should analyze your motive. Is it just to punish your spouse? Or you think that your opponent has limitations to share custody or attain responsibility of nurturing a child. If so, that should be shared with your lawyer ( ) who can help you best in this drive.

Mind well, that family courts typically approve a joint custody system, since that is the best...