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01 Jul 2019
Restaurants have large kitchens serving a number of people every day with their favorite food. This requires the use of the large volume of edible oil that produces another large volume of waste ready to be disposed of in the city sewage system. Therefore, regular restaurant great trap cleaning is important for both the city and the restaurant. On an average, a grease trap must be cleaned after every 5-6 weeks, although the actual cleaning cycle of every grease trap may vary depending upon the size of the restaurant and the volume of waste produced.

Why restaurants need regular grease trap cleaning

Regular grease trap cleaning is required because of the following reasons:

•  Grease trap prevents FOG (fats. Oils and grease) by trapping it...

10 Dec 2018
Grease trap at the restaurant accumulates a lot more than a simple kitchen system because there is more processing of food such as grilling, and frying. The volume of the waste produced by restaurants is large, and thus the grease trap needs regular cleaning for undisturbed and smooth functioning ( draneranger/services/grease-grit-lint-traps ). Restaurant grease trap cleaning keeps the FOG (fats, oils, and grease) from reaching the city’s drainage system that can suffer blockage because of the frequency by which the waste is produced in the commercial kitchens.

There are many reasons for a regular restaurant grease trap cleaning that have been discussed as follows;

•  Restaurants that do not adhere to the norms made by the regulatory...